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How 3D Graphic Design Software
Creates Kick *ss eBook Cover Design

Self-Publishing eBooks using Web 2.0 Graphics
Increases Sales!

I don't know about you, but for most "e"dummies like me, the mere mention of a 3D graphic design software program can produce a variety of reactions that include trembling, sweating, a fierce headache and involuntary moaning.

But the reality is when you dive into the lucrative world of self-publishing eBooks you really need a kick *ss eBook cover design.


Enter the magical world of web 2.0 graphics.

Okay, first of all I have an embarrassing confession to make. You see, I bought the most current (and expensive) version of Adobe Photoshop thinking that was my golden ticket to a quick and easy way to produce an eBook cover design.


Not in the least.

All that fancy Photoshop program has done is produce an onslaught of frustrating headaches, occasional weeping and the inevitable litany of curses.

As much as I hate to admit it, after more than a year I still can't figure out how to use that d*mn program!


What a waste. At some point I know that I am going to have to sacrifice my pride and go stalking around the neighborhood in search of a grade school computer whiz kid to give me a tutorial.

What I should have done first was to research all the considerations you have to make before choosing a 3D eCover creator graphics program.  (These are the top 5 things to consider before making a purchase.)

But enough of that because I found the perfect solution to my need to create great covers and web 2.0 graphics for just about anything I could dream of. . . and it is truly a cinch to use.

It's a 3d graphic design software program that is just perfect for "e"dummies! (Or anyone else that wants to save oodles of time trying to master complicated photo editing and other 3d graphic design software programs designed solely for the Einstein's of cyber space.)

Ta Da!

This video shows just how easy this program is to use:

(Or download this free PDF file)

So get cranking out those web 2.0 graphics and bump up your plans to start self-publishing ebooks to the top of your "Increase My Website Income To Do" list.

Pssst. . .

You do know that selling your own eproducts (like an eBook, eGuide, eCourse, How To, DIY, DVD, etc.) is literally one of the quickest and easiest (not to mention best) ways to generate steady, reliable revenue for your website business.

All you need to do is create your eproduct, make a kick *ss graphic that inspires sales, list it on the most popular internet marketplaces like e-Junkie and/or ClickBank, and watch your income start to grow!

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