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[Bits and Bytes: Website Tips], Build Your Own Web Site Store!
May 05, 2010

Bits and Bytes here!

How goes your website building?

We have wonderfully easy way for you to incorporate yet another monetizing opportunity into your website.

Add a website store to your site that is jammed-packed with amazing products and let your visitors shop 'til they drop! (Well, maybe not drop but at least buy an item or two...)

Remember, diversification is a key element to building a reliable, profitable online web business that will produce a consistent stream of revenue for virtual years to come.

'Ya know, as the great goddess of eCommerce, Her Virtual Cyberness, is forever telling us; "Don't put all your virtual income producing eggs into just one measly little cyber basket. Chances are that you will be disappointed because they won't hatch nearly as much in earnings as your website has the potential to generate."

Hey, do you humans have to listen to Her Virtual Cyberness rattle on and on about all the website building things you should do and all the stuff you shouldn't? It sure can be enough to make your fur stand on end, can't it?

So why not try building a web site store and offer your visitors the delightful opportunity to go on a shopping spree?

It's a win-win!

You earn commission on the purchases made and your visitors will be able to readily find the products or services that you recommend.

, This is one of those revenue building strategies that can truly be a monetizing match made in cyber heaven.

Here are 3 quick and easy ways to build your very own online store: How to Build a Free Web Store

Until our next priceless site building tip. . .


Happy Site Building,

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P.S., remember, if you have any questions, feel free to ask! We're here to help. . .
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