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[Bits and Bytes: Website Tips], Are You Being Followed? Twitter This!
June 01, 2010

Bits and Bytes here!

Psst... Are you being followed?

And we're not talking about the stalking kind of being followed. That would be just horrible wouldn't it? We're talking about something all together different. There are occasions when being followed is a good thing you know! At least here in the virtual world. . .

There probably isn't a human on the face of your earth that hasn't heard about Twitter by now. (You have, haven't you?)

For those of us who exclusively hang out in Cyber Space, Tweets provide a magic all their own; especially when throngs of loyal followers respond to their favorite Tweets!

So, that's why we asked you if you are being followed!

Every and all websites will benefit from having throngs of followers!

Does yours?

We finally managed to convince Sue to set-up a Twitter account for her websites. She had been avoiding this wonderful marketing strategy like the plague for w-a-y too long. Since we expect that Sue thinks spending her precious site building time "tweeting" is just downright ridiculous, we simply suggested that she set-up an automated feed from her blog to her Twitter account.


Let those magical tweets begin. . .

Sue's Twitter followers get updates on her website every single day and Sue doesn't have to do a darn thing! You can use the very same strategy too.

Here's how:

    1. Register for a Twitter account: (Hint: Think of a captivating Twitter URL name that fits your website niche.) Sue named hers eBusiness4u.

    Check it out: eBusiness4U (Pssst. . . Sue's account is brand new so be sure to become a follower!) We'd like to personally invite you to become a very important member of Sue's soon-to-be virtual throng.

    By the way, we're curious if humans 'throng' often? It seems like such an odd reference for a big bunch of people. We must say that in the virtual world everything is just so very different than it is for you humans.

    2. Sign-up for a Twitterfeed account: to set-up the automated blog feed to your Twitter account.

    3. Done! Now every time you update your website or add a blog post, it will be automatically fed to your Twitter account and become a lovely "Tweet"!

And look. . .

Twitter is waiting patiently to sent your tweets! (Isn't he cute?)

Click me to follow Sue and Web Site Building Tips on Twitter!

Not to shabby for a long-term website marketing strategy that took you all of fifteen minutes to get rock'in and roll'in.

, Just think, in no time at all you're going to have your very own throng of followers hanging on your every Tweet. . .

Until our next priceless site building tip. . .


Happy Site Building,

web site tips
Your Ever Helpful Rambunctious Site Building Duo

P.S., You can also set-up an automated feed from your blog to your FaceBook Profile page as well as to your FaceBook website business page too!

P.P.S.S. If you don't have a blog then get one!

Although the best option is to have your website hosted with a provider that includes the option of adding a blog right on your website as a feature that is included with the service like Site Build It! offers. (That way you don't incur any extra fees.)

If you haven't activated your blog feature that is part of your web hosting service then what in cyber heaven are you waiting for? Best get to it!

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask:
Questions and Answers on "How to Build a Website eBusiness"

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