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[Bits and Bytes: Website Tips], Are You All Backed-Up?
August 01, 2010

Bits and Bytes here!

Why do humans find back-ups so uncomfortable to deal with?

Want to know how to get instant relief?

We have just recently learned that humans have this periodic problem with back-ups. Well, you'll be delighted to learn that we can provide you with the remedy for immediately relief.

Yup, your two favorite cyber fur-balls have just the answer for you.

But first, let us tell you a little story. It's a parable really. You know, one of those short stories that convey a very important life lesson.

Once upon a time there was this technologically "e"lliterate woman named Sue. She has two older teenage boys who have been banned from even looking at her computer, much less touch it.

Well, as boys enviably will, the forbidden computer proved just too much of a temptation. It only took one swift click of the mouse to create devastating havoc.

The next time that Sue booted up her system ~ CRASH!

But not before the telltale signs of sports gambling pop-ups and those horrid ads for porno sites that seem to go hand in hand with any illicit activity gave away the culprits of the slow yet inevitable demise of her computer.

Her precious computer's faith and all her files was sealed with a rapid infestation of paralyzing viruses that can only lead to a complete and total system wipeout.



Everything! All files, all graphics and programs.

All of Sue's work was now completely frozen or lost in cyber-space never to be retrieved again.

We can honestly tell you that having to observe a human woman have a complete melt-down and full conniption fit is NOT a very pretty site.

If only Sue had a back-up system for her computer she would have been able to restore all her precious site data with a few simple commands.

But alas, that wouldn't have provided the ever important lesson of how important the regularly scheduled back-up of data is; especially for those humans who have ventured into virtual space with their websites. (Or for humans that have curious teenagers with access to the family computer!)

The moral of this riveting tale?

Humans must seek regular relief from their occasional back-up issues by investing in the appropriate long term remedy: An external hard drive!

An external hard drive will back-up all the data on your computer regularly. The best ones can be programmed to back-up data automatically every few days or at the minimum once a week.


Now you never have to worry about succumbing to a conniption fit by risking the loss of all your precious data to wander around aimlessly ever-after in the cold, harsh and sometimes cruel environment of cyber space!

Now,, the next time that we check-in with you, we sincerely hope that you have given yourself the relief of knowing that your back-up issues have been resolved for good!

Until our next priceless site building tip. . .


Happy Site Building,

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Your Ever Helpful Rambunctious Site Building Duo

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