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[Bits and Bytes: Website Tips], Are You Being Followed? Twitter This!
July 01, 2010

Bits and Bytes here!

Lookie at what we found. . .

It's the "Best Damn Website Checklist, Ever!"

Honest, that's exactly what it is. (Cross our little furry fingers and hope we don't get swallowed-up by cyber space!)

Although Sue is always impressed by what we find as we scour the internet in our never-ending mission to uncyber-space, ( . . . that's the virtual equivalent of what you humans refer to as "unearth", although in our most humble opinion uncyber-spacing isn't nearly as grubby a job as unearthing), the best hidden treasures to help you all with your site building efforts.

When we presented this particular treasure to her it virtually knocked her socks right off in less than a nanosecond.

Tip: May we humbly recommend that you pull your socks up nice and tight before you take a peek at the checklist? Some find flying socks a bit distracting (like Bits) and others like my fabulous virtual wizardness (that would be me, your ever faithful site building genius, Bytes, in case you forgot) find old worn socks downright nasty.

Haven't you ever wished that all the technical website "must do's" were all easily listed and explained in just one place?

Well then, this checklist will send you
right to cyber heaven!

We happen to think that this particular checklist is a breathtaking discovery that clearly defines all the important characteristics that a website should have which will help you to improve your efforts in growing a successful and lucrative ebusiness.

See for yourself: Website Checklist

Now be perfectly truthful. . . Isn't that simply the most outrageously beautiful thing you have ever laid your eyes on?

Now,, we know your eyes are probably bulging right out of your head right about now BUT don't worry your over-taxed site building brain if you don't happen to know what everything on the checklist means yet or how to go about accomplishing them.

Overtime, as your understanding of website marketing grows and your webmastering skills improve, every single solitary item will eventually make sense. We give you our solemn promise that the more you learn about website marketing, the more that all this sort of geeky technical stuff will become second nature and you will be able to implement each and every one of them.


And of course, don't forget that you always have both of our magnificent site building prowess to help you whenever you get stuck.

Until our next priceless site building tip. . .


Happy Site Building,

web site tips
Your Ever Helpful Rambunctious Site Building Duo

P.S. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask:
Questions and Answers on "How to Build a Website eBusiness"

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