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[Bits and Bytes: Website Tips], Itís Holiday Magic!
December 17, 2009

Bits and Bytes here!

, do you know what?

The Holiday Spirit came calling! Can you believe that? Out here in cyber space anything is possible you know.

We had a lovely little chat, though if truth be known it's rather difficult chatting with a spirit, they do tend to be rather elusive and somewhat scattered most of the time. Anyways, in celebration of the "Spirit of the Holidays" we've convinced Sue to EXTEND the contest!

Actually, this might be a good time to confess that we peeked at Sue's email inbox and there are so many requests from contestants to have just a little more time preparing their entry that we went right to work using all our charm and magic.

We are pleased as punch to announce that we successfully, (even though we are just two little virtual fur balls), strong-armed Sue into conceding just a wee little change in the deadline for the Great FREE Web Site and FREE Web Hosting Give-Away Contest.

Drum roll please. . .

Your two most favorite cyber scamps absolutely adore drum rolls. It's so dramatic donít you think?

Drum roll (again) please. . .

It's with great pleasure that we can now reveal that the new deadline for submitting your winning entry to win a Free Website along with FREE Web Hosting is now December 24, 2009 at the stroke of midnight.

The two very special and deserving winners will now be announced on December 26th.

But may we please ask one teeny, tiny little favor?


It's a secret. Cross your heart? Mum's the word so shhhhhh. Since you are our ever loyal subscribers you get the advantage of having this little priceless tidbit of information first. No one else will know until Sue changes the count-down clock this Sunday. So keep this under wraps, okay?

, there is no better time like the present to get crack'in!

Just think of it. . .

You are soon to be a world renowned webmaster and internet entrepreneur! We can't wait to see your entry:
Submit Your Winning Entry. . . Right Here!

Good Luck!

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Your Ever Helpful Rambunctious Site Building Duo

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