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[Bits and Bytes: Website Tips], You’re a Winner!
December 26, 2009

Bits and Bytes here!

We have winners!

We're still doing our riveting virtual cosmic happy dance to celebrate everyone's amazing entries. . .

It's especially exciting because everyone's a WINNER in this contest!

Learn who submitted the winning entries right here: Please meet the two soon-to-be webmasters and internet entrepreneurs


The two winning entries are absolutley fabulous and knocked-the-socks off our panel of judges. Mikki's entry actually had us all reaching for the Kleenex; in both a sad and good sort of way while "SuperNan's" entry is not only hysterical but, well, contagiously motivating and infectiously inspiring.

Sue wishes that she could have awarded everyone who entered the contest a free website, (she’s such a softy with a heart of gold), but she pulled together the next best thing, an insanely fabulous special just for you!

Everyone's a Winner! Just feast your eyes on this. . .
, Claim Your Special Right Here!

We're all going to be successful webmasters and internet entrepreneurs together! Isn't that great?

Now don't you feel like doing your own virtual cosmic happy dance?

Happy New Years to All!

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