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[Bits and Bytes: Website Tips], Win 50K Contest!
October 18, 2011
Hey, OOPS!

Bits and Bytes here!

Oh my goodness, we humbly apologize!
web site tips
By some sort of odd misfortune, we somehow managed to click the wrong button and sent you out a very old, archived newsletter. (Not that the BOTW isn't still the best darn directory to get your website listed in, mind you.)


Bits says it's all my fault.

(I happen to know with 100% certainty that it's his.)

web site tips
But we would both like to extend our very humble apologies for inconveniencing you with our silly little mistake.

Can you find it in your great big human heart to forgive us?

Now we'd like to make it all up to you by sharing our amazing news. . . (Careful, your jaw is going to drop 'cause it's that kind of jaw-dropping announcement.)

It's the Win 50K Challenge!

What we INTENDED to send you is an extraordinary amazing, make-your-fur-stand-on-end, (or hair in the case of you humans) exciting opportunity. . .
It's the. . .

Find the Best Web Host and Win $50,000 Challenge!

Can you imagine?


    50 Smackaroos!

    50 Big Ones!

Whoo Hoo!

But you have to submit your entry by 11-8-11 in order to win.

We asked our delightful and superbly talented webmaster-in-training, Sue, to outline all the juicy details for you here:

Contest to Win Money ~ Big Money ~ An Entire Bank Account of Money

The 50K "Match It!" Challenge

Now be sure to enter.

We want you to win!


Do you know why?

(I guess we have to admit that it's really just a little bit selfish on our part.)

Because if you win, Sue does too!

She gets a bounty of $5,000 for sponsoring your winning entry. . .
That means she'll share oodles and oodles of dough with us, her ever-faithful Cyber side-kicks! (And boy do we ever like dough! It's kind of like cookies but even better.)

So what are you waiting for?

Get to it!

, we sincerely hope you submit the winning entry!

Until our next priceless tip. . .

Make a Gazillion!


Happy Site Building,
web site tips
Your Ever Helpful Rambunctious Site Building Duo

P.S. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to. . .
Ask or Share Them Right Here

The $50,000 Match It! Challenge

Sue Dolan

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