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Affiliate Web Site Marketing

Affiliate Web Site Marketing

So what exactly is affiliate web site marketing?

Just how do affiliate programs work?

By applying to be a home based business affiliate of any number of reputable affiliate programs you in essence become a salesperson for that company.

That means as the visitors to your website purchase the products and/or service you choose to promote, you are paid a commission.

Commission rates range from a few dollars, upwards!

It's just like being a sales person for a company except you sell on the internet via your website.

Affiliate web site marketing isn't any harder than filling out a simple on line form to apply to the specific internet marketing programs established by businesses wishing to sell their wares around the world.

Website owners can use their sites as an online virtual medium to promote products and/or services that are of value to their visitors.

In the process of generating sales you also earn income.  (Quite often, some really good income!)

For example, take the reputable affiliate programs listings in the ClickBank Marketplace, (which, by the way, literally offers something for any website to sell!).

  • Website owners select the products or services featured in the ClickBank Marketplace that they know their site visitors will find of value.

  • Using your website as a home based business affiliate sales place, you first apply to become a ClickBank affiliate, (yes, it's free).

  • ClickBank will then generate a special individualized affiliate link code for each product or service you select to promote on your web site.

  • Then you simply copy and paste your code onto your web page.

  • When a visitor clicks that link and purchases that product, you will earn a commission from 50% to 95% of the purchase price!

Or of course, take another example of an affiliate program, (which happens to be my personal favorite), SBI. The Site Build It, SBI for short, website ebusiness builder and hosting service package is one of the most reputable affiliate programs on the internet.

With commissions starting at $75 per sale that reoccur on an annual basis every time the service is renewed along with the highly coveted 2 tier commission structure, it just can't be beat!

The trick is to. . .
  • Choose those products or services which dovetail nicely with your website niche
  • That are of value and interest to your visitors
  • Pay a significant percentage in commission
  • Demonstrates a track record of consumer popularity

Pretty cool, huh?

What's great about being a home based business affiliate salesperson is that you can literally sell ANYTHING. . .

From electronics, real estate, consulting or mutual funds to beauty treatments, web design, goldfish or even gift certificates.

Home Based Business AffiliateYou are only limited by your imagination.

What I find particularly exciting about being an affiliate is that once you get your affiliate marketing strategy rock'in and rolling along, your website does the rest!

Around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Sales even while you sleep!

Gotta LOVE that!

Psssst. . .

Down the road you can even create your own product or develop your own service and list it with an internet affiliate marketing site like ClickBank and gather your very own army of affiliate resellers, but we'll get into that a little later on!

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Quick Tip:

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The next steps to internet affiliate marketing:
Learn about how to. . .
  • Select Profitable and Reputable Affiliate Programs
  • Become Effective at Affiliate Marketing (so you actually make sales)
  • Implement Proven Affiliate Marketing Strategies that will Continuously Increase Profits

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And guess what?

That's not all!

Affiliate Web Site Marketing is only ONE way to monetize your website. As you implement different strategies to monetize your site you'll soon be enjoying the fruits of your labor by increasing your income with very little effort at all.
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