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Affordable Business Web Site Hosting Review
Does SBI Provide the Best Web Hosting Services?
Here's Kim's Review of Site Build It

I'm Kim, owner of

Affordable Business Web Site Hosting

I'd like to share my view on the best web hosting services for affordable business web site hosting; a company called Site Build It or SBI for short: Take a quick video tour

I've been a member of the SBI Clan since November of 2008.

I don't work for SBI or anything like that.

I live in Tasmania, Australia.

My website traffic has just hit the first promised 'snowball' @ 250-290 unique visitors per day and my site makes about $300 per month with only 25 pages up thus far. Only 5 of those pages are the money-makers.

I am one of the lazier SBIers.

I'm a very slow tortoise indeed, who built most of her pages back before March of 2009 and has just updated them a little bit since. I plan on building more pages of course but, like I said, I'm slow!

Why am I telling you this?

Sometimes I read the darnedest things people learning about Site Build It or who've just purchased SBI. . .  

Things like:

  • Is SBI a scam?
  • Why does it cost $299 each year!!?
  • Does this only work for smart people?
  • Is the web page block builder thing hard?
  • Are they really the most affordable business web site hosting service?

Then, down the track a bit after the website has been started and traffic or money isn't flowing in as expected. . .

  • Where is my traffic?
  • Why is my adsense income so poor?
  • Can I really make money with this?
And such like.

I know there is a lot of information to take in- (SBI does have a ton of extremely useful stuff to read and do)- and a bit of a learning curve if you're starting out at never having built a website in your life (like me, I didn't have a clue).

So, to break it down so everyone is clear about SBI. . .


To understand the VALUE of what paying your $299 fee per year means to you, I'd like to break it down into a list format:

  1. You get affordable business web site hosting each year:

    Not just a little bit of website hosting either.

    You get the best web hosting services on the internet.

    You NEVER have to pay more even if your traffic goes crazy and you're getting
    multi-millions of visitors per year. THAT, in itself, is unheard of!

    That's what I call affordable business web site hosting.

    Other web hosting companies that I've seen charge on a per GB rate, depending on what space you use. Use more, and you'll pay more with other places.
    Not at SBI. Website hosting is not even the most valuable thing you get with SBI.

  2. You get the 24hr 7 day help of more experience SBIers their forum:

    This is no small thing, it's not up-speak. It is real.
    Say you have problems with adding an element on your page and you're getting a negative response from the site analysis of your keywords etc.

    Who do you call?

    You call us, your fellow SBI'ers, worldwide site building buddies.

    At least one SBI'er will always be on forum because we're global, baby!

    The SBI'ers I've "met" have helped me beyond any other help I've ever received
    when I've started to learn something new.
    You do not get this kind of 24 hour help, troubleshooting, support, backup, friendliness, and just plain. . ."Go-out-of-their-way-to-help-you-with-anything-you-need" attitude anywhere but with Site Build It.

  3. You get help from the SBI Support team:

    If someone on the forum can't help you with your particular issue you get Site Build It's professional help included in the monthly fee of less than $1 a day. . . I sure consider that affordable business web site hosting.

    Now, a word about Site Build It's Support. It is a very simple process to contact support, they respond to you within the given time frames (following their instructions, also simple).

    They solve your problems.

    They give a darn about you because you are their customer and they know the value of their customers unlike anyone else on the internet.


    Because they know how a fantastic business is built. This is not to blow smoke because I've been told that before too (elsewhere) and I've been taken for a virtual ride, been lied to, and had my money taken.

    I was suspicious.

    But from the first contact with SBI Support- (I even remember her name, April!)- I have experienced nothing but kindness, consideration and SUPPORT.

  4. You get a Website Building Action Guide (in video or text format):

    In order to make your site successful. . .
    You need to follow the ACTIONS in the GUIDE!

    SBI's step-by-step web site building action guide has been constructed with the explicit purpose of helping those who do not know anything about websites to know everything about websites; how they work, how they are built, how you get visitors to visit, how to find the right NICHE, what keywords are good keywords for traffic, what keywords are good keywords for MONETIZING, how else you can monetize your site, the foundation of Search Engine Optimization and why you won't succeed if your site is not optimized, the steps to take to do that very thing and SEO your own site. . .

    I could go ON and ON and ON.

    So what's the most important thing?

    To follow the ACTIONS outlined in the site building GUIDE.  Watch the video action guide and/or read the text action guide more than once. To take your time with it until you understand it well. Ask questions if you don't understand a term or step on the forums.

    Don't be shy!  There are plenty of experienced people to help you!

  5. You get the BRAINSTORM It! Keyword Research tool:

    When you get to the day in the Action Guide where you are brainstorming your Niche, you will start to understand how very unique and important to the success of your website this brainstorming and keyword analysis technology is.

    This great tool is included as part of the affordable business web site hosting fee.

    I must've spent one whole week brainstorming- (don't just spend a day doing it just because the action guide is written for tasks to be completed in the 10 day time frame). Take your time!

    It's IMPORTANT to solidify your profitable, high demand, low supply Niche BEFORE you register your domain name, as per the Site Building ACTION GUIDE.

    You learn all about what a Niche is, how to find yours using your own skills and PASSIONS.

    Brainstorm It! is not something you'll find elsewhere. Not with the tiny details you get about the value and demand for researching the best keywords, not with the valuable results you'll find, not with the myriad of useful extras that are found inside it. Use Brainstorm It well and your site will reward you handsomely!

  6. You get your own site email:

    Even multiple email addresses if you like. Spam protection is included. (Although you can create wormholes for your email to stop the spammers but let your visitors through. Again, all included in the affordable business web site hosting monthly (or annual fee.)

  7. You learn how important a NICHE is for a successful and profitable website.

    SBI has a tool for you to research and identify the perfect niche for the theme of your website. You'll find more about this extremely detailed topic in the Action Guide.

  8. You get step-by-step website building instructions:

    Along with the choice to use the easy web page Block Builder method or upload your own HTML, whatever suits you better.  (You can even test out how easy it is to build your own SBI web page here: Learn how to build a website.)

  9. You get a Page Analyzer:

    SBI's web page analyzer makes sure you've got all your keywords in the right place, the best page description and title along with all of the correct elements of your web page in their rightful place for Search Engine Optimization purposes.  You can't get this feature anywhere else, it's one of the benefits that makes SBI such an unique and affordable business web site hosting service.

    With SBI's Web Page Analyzer you know that each page on your site will be found by both the search engines and by lots of visitors!

  10. You get a ton of extra features and functions:

    Form Builders, an Ezine builder, Autoresponders, a Blog, RSS Feed, Social Bookmarking, a Special File manager (for additional files like video to add to your site), your own an unlimited graphics library to and so much more!

  11. The ability to add extra non-SBI add ons to your SBI site:

    A tool called InfinIt! allows you to integrate all sorts of third party add-ons to your site like an interactive forum. You will pay extra for this capability elsewhere but the technology of SBI is such that it's all there waiting for you.

    Pretty cool eh?

  12. You get a boatload of free site building information like:

    You get more free, readily accessible Information, Ebooks, Content creation tutorials, Monetization instructions, and "How to" guides than you can possibly ever read all included in the affordable business web site hosting rate.

    You will find EVERYTHING you need to know that is even remotely related to building and monetizing a great site available to your for FREE.

    All the guides, eBooks and site building instructional materials have been written by SBI (Dr. Ken Evoy and his Staff) and a host of experienced SBI'ers who have utilized a strategy or technique very successfully on their own sites. SBI is always adding more help guides all the time.

    Now this is KEY. . .

    When you buy a domain at GoDaddy or some other domain name seller, you get a domain name.

    You will only get hosting services if you pay more.  
    With any other web hosting service. . .


  13. You get valuable knowledge:

    You will know for certain that that if a strategy or technique works well for someone else, it can work for you too.

    The SBI site building guides aren't just for geniuses.

    I'm not even remotely close to genius. But I have learned ALL I know about websites from SBI's guides, people on forum, and the site building Action Guide. I haven't even scratched the surface yet of all the features included with SBI's affordable business web site hosting service and am certainly not making anywhere near the level of a lot of the successful SBI'ers. . . yet!

  14. You get the HOW of building Traffic, in simple to understand terms:

    This is so important. Because as you know, No traffic=No money for you. Build your traffic the SBI way and the money follows.

  15. You get Sitesell's Unique Content 2.0 - a Traffic builder if ever I saw one:

    This element will have your own visitors contributing their own ideas, thoughts and stories while at the same time building web pages for your website. More pages=More traffic which=More Money.

    The search engines love websites that are adding more and more web pages 'cause they can then send you more and more traffic.  They see you're not just some one page, fly-by-night-get-rich-quick scheme and that you're providing valuable information that your visitors actually like and respond to.

    Again, this unique interactive SBI module is, (you guessed it!) included in their affordable business web site hosting service.

  16. You get SBI submitting your site to all the major search engines:

    Site Build It does all the tedious back-end work that most people don't have a clue about (myself included). Sign-up with a simple web host like Godaddy or similar web hosting service, and you'll need to do all of that yourself.

    The week before I joined SBI I paid $3500 to a company to do the SEO on a site I wanted to start plus the design.  Fortunately, I swiftly asked for and got a refund when I found the affordable business web site hosting service and all the features that are included with SBI.

    I shudder at the time and money waster that would've been now that I know better!

  17. You get PROOF that SBI, in fact, does work for real people:

    Simply by reading the tons of Case Studies of real SBI website owners you learn just how SBI has made the dreams of so many people come true simply by teaching them how to build a profitable ebusiness website.

    It's easy to do your own research to back up these results, stories, and findings by visiting their sites, emailing them to make sure they're not robots, look them up on the search engines, check their Alexa ranking and their Page Rank with Google, see how many backlinks their site has. All the important stuff to ensure that you are getting the best web hosting services available.

    Check it out for yourself: Site Build It Case Studies of SBI Website Owners

  18. You get a money back guarantee:

    Yep, a money back guarantee!

    Not only is SBI an affordable business web site hosting service but you get to try
    Site Build It for FREE!

    As SBI put it: "No time limits. Ask for your money back anytime. will refund you 100% within the first 30 days of purchase, and on a pro-rated basis after that."   Now that what I call affordable business web site hosting!  (FREE!)

    SBI is a steal. Even if Site Build It was double the price or more it would still provide the best web hosting services available and be the most affordable business web site hosting company around. When your web site starts making even a little money, you'll be in profit quick smart.

So what's my best advise to you?

ga-468-text-and-image.shtmlga-468-text-and-image.shtmlBE SMART and FOLLOW SBI's WEB SITE BUILDING ACTION GUIDE.

Don't be a smarty-pants and ignore stuff you don't think is relevant. It's all relevant if it's in the Action Guide.

I currently use the income I earn from the text link ads served up by Infolinks on my site (worth about $1.30 per day right now) to pay for the SBI subscription each year on my site.  

SBI's affordable business web site hosting fee is $29 a month US or $299 a year.  My website ends up earning me a little more than $30 per month x 12 months = $360 a year at the moment.

I pay my affordable business web hosting fee and
the rest of my earnings are all profit!

So, at the end of my very long story on affordable business web site hosting, if you still have doubts, go back and ready everything again.

You must've been asleep the first time!

Enjoy SBI and building your own website business.

I know I do and will for a very long time,

Living In Small Houses. Think big. Live small. Reduce your Mortgage
The philosophy for my website is to share an alternative living solution. Small houses are the long-awaited, but little known, solution for those who have grown despairing of huge mortgages. My website features how to live the small life in log cabins, kit homes, prefab homes, eco houses, mud brick houses, yurts, dome houses and more!

P.S. SBI is so much more than an affordable business web site hosting service.  It is more that I ever could have expected and far more than I had dared hope for! I'm simply going to need two of me to cover all the potential internet business ideas that I have in mind!

Learn more about affordable business web site hosting along with the features the best web hosting services offers you:

Happy eBusiness Web Site Building!

SiteSell Services

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