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A Different Kind of Article
Marketing Strategy:
"Article Spinning"

Article Marketing Strategy

A very interesting article marketing strategy is called "article spinning".

If done correctly, spinning an article is a great link building technique that also works extremely well to increase search engine visibility as well as to build web traffic.

BUT. . .

There are a few pitfalls to consider but like anything else, if you put the effort into learning all the ins and outs of the technique, you will reward yourself (and your site) with an easy way of link building and a great way to virally build web traffic!

So here's a bit of background on this rather interesting and productive article internet marketing technique:

So what exactly is article spinning?

According to eWikipedia:
"Article spinning is a search engine optimization technique by which blog or website owners. . . rewrite existing articles, or parts of articles, and replacing elements to avoid being penalized for using duplicate content by the Search Engines."

Basically, to spin an article means that the writer substitutes words, phrases and even entire sentences in order to create an entirely unique article using the same content.

All in all, for a comprehensive article internet marketing plan it is well worth the effort to spend the extra time to rewrite any articles you submit to directories so they are each viewed as unique.

When you do, the links used in the article will be perceived as having a higher value by the search engines, your articles will rank better and, in the long run, will in turn generate more traffic to your website.

But, on the down side, spinning articles can be time consuming and a major pain in the kabunzies.

Although there are plenty of options for article spinning software most of the ones that I have tested haven't been as user friendly as I had hoped.

A colleague recently recommended a resource called the Free Traffic System.

The process of this particular resource makes the article spinning process quite a bit easier with a step-by-step tutorial as well as providing "spin" coding.  They also have an article review panel of each "spun" version to be sure that the entire article flows well and makes sense!

You absolutely do not want to ruin your creditability by submitting a piece of work anywhere on the internet that is all chopped up with words or phrases that make the content incomprehensible and perceived as junk.

A especially nice feature of the Free Traffic System is that once you have "spun" your article, you have the option to chose up to 30 blogs and they will submit it for you. . . all for free! (And as we all know by now, I do so love free!)

I have to say this system rocks and works like a charm!

I find that even though it does take some time rewriting, this article marketing strategy process is a much faster link building method than committing the tedious time to add individual comments to 30 different blogs that you've had to spend hours researching to find the good ones related to you specific niche!

Happily, I like it!

I am finding that the software simple to understand, even though it wasn't free (Darn!), it is easy to use and a huge time saver.

I especially like the fact that this particular article spinning software program automatically saves words, phrases and entire sentences so I can just click on the word combinations that I want to substitute instead of retyping the same information over and over again.

Any website owner will appreciate the number of back links that are generated as well as how well article spinning can quickly build web traffic.

My recommendation?

Try out the free version first. . .

The free traffic system will take your article internet marketing for a little spin around the virtual dance floor of the WWW and provides your website with 30 back links at the same time!

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