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Audio Ads
Do you hear it?

Audio Ads

He's talking to you! (Are your speakers on?)

Audio advertising, a pay per play or PPP for short, is a form of web advertising that generates income for site owners every time a five second audio ad plays.

PPP ads begin to play automatically when a web page is opened.

What did you think?

Did the ad annoy you or did you not even notice?

NetAudioAds launched the pay per play program, PPP for short, in early 2008 as a new form of web advertising.

(The internet suddenly got a lot louder!) Site owners simply add a little snippet of java script to their web pages to earn revenue for each five second ad played.
I have experimented a bit with PPP ads on my sites and I have to confess, I'm not a huge fan.

Being of the "older" generation, I find personally them a bit annoying.

Actually, on one site when I clicked through to a web page I was greeted with a huge loud bang that scared the beejeebers out
of me. . .

I thought the web page had shot me!  Honest.

My husband had to practically peel me off the ceiling and my heart was hammering so fast I thought I might go into cardiac arrest.

All I could think was what the hell was that? Did someone finally shoot JR, miss and get me instead? That audio ad sure got my attention but not in a good sort of way at all. Me?

This is one potential income stream that I'm going to let float down the river. The thought of visitors to my website needing to dive for cover or that my site might have precipitated a heart attack just isn't worth it to me.  

I'll just stick to demonstrating the audio ad platform for you on this one and only web page (thank you very much) and leave the audio ad revenue to you all!

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