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Back-Up Computer Data!

Do you back-up computer data regularly?

Well, you should!
(At least once each and every a week.)Back-up Computer Data

What would you ever do is your computer crashed or became infected with a nasty virus?
All your work would be lost.


Everyone needs computer back-up systems! You need to save all your hard work!

A backup hard drive is critically important for anyone building a website.
What if your computer crashed and you lost all your files?

It would be a major pain in the kabunzies to recreate all that precious data that you have worked so hard on!

Train yourself to regularly perform a computer data backup of your computer files at least once a week so you don't find yourself collapsing in a fit of despair when you accidentally spill your coffee all over your laptop.

Now there a maddening number of names for computer back-up systems such as: backup hard drive, portable backup storage, external hard drive, thumb drive, USB hard drive, external data storage devise, flash drive, memory stick, and on and on. . .

At a minimum you need something, anything to save your files to in the event of a computer disaster.

It can be something as simple as a small portable USB flash drive, (I call them memory sticks), or an external hard drive that will automatically back-up your entire computer system on a regularly scheduled basis. (This is the most desirable option since it automatically saves all your work, email addresses, internet favorites and so on.)

The options include:

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