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Bag Lady to Build Best Internet Small Business in the Entire Cyber World

by Bits and Bytes
(Universally Located)

Bag Lady Going to Build Best Internet Small Business

Bag Lady Going to Build Best Internet Small Business

That's right!

I'm announcing right here, right now:

Bag Lady to Build Best Internet Small Business in the Entire Cyber World!

Anyone can build an ebusiness website, no matter who you are or what you do as long as you have some motivation, a little time and an idea.

Hey, it's Bits and Bytes here!

web site tips

Your favorite adorable, lovable, site building cyber whiz buddies.

We figured we'd jump in on the win a free web site and free web hosting band wagon to give contestants an example of what a winning entry might look like.

So here goes. . .

You see, Sue is getting bombarded with all sorts of questions and request for advice about the contest. Well, it wouldn't be fair to help one contestant and not another now would it?

So we're going to help Sue out by submitting an entry as an example which we hope will answer everyone's questions and help you prepare your amazing submission.

Did you know that Sue is a certifiable "Bag Lady"? (Don't tell anyone though.)

So in our infinite and combined genius we thought that we would use her hobby that involves embellishing just about anything she can get her hands to be our example in this contest. We plan on demonstrating how we could establish the best internet small business for her so she can market her eye popping craft to the entire world.

This is an example of her handy work:

Best Internet Small Business

Isn't it out-of this-world?

(To be honest, her husband thinks it should be outlawed in this world and banished throughout the entire universe. In other words, he wholeheartedly thinks that Sue's embellished works of art should be permanently ejected out of this world and all others for that matter.)

But with the right online marketing strategies from
yours truly, the Cyber Marketing Guru's of all time, even an eyesore like this can very well become the next "must have" high-end designer craze on the planet.

This unique "Bag Lady" ebusiness website we could build for Sue would be sure to open a raging torrent of sales, prestige, and land her an exclusive cover feature on Vogue magazine as this highly coveted concept of cutting edge embellished personalized bags spreads like wild fire around the globe.

With such an exciting and outstanding concept such as building "The Bag Lady" website, an entirely new world of opportunity could open for Sue. Someday we are just going to have to convince Sue that she should let us turn this imaginary Best Internet Small Business in the Entire Cyber World into reality.

Yours Truly,

web site tips

Your Ever Helpful Rambunctious Site Building Duo

P.S. Some helpful tips and pointers:

    * Note the use of the magnificent keyword phrase that we used in the title? (Hint, it begins with Best and ends with business. . .)

    * That same keyword phrase is used a few times throughout the body of the entry.

    * The graphic perfectly fits the theme of building a Bag Lady website, don't you think?

    * The entry is a little over 400 words; just long enough to convey how building "The Bag Lady" website will open a world of opportunity for our dearest most cherished "e"lliterate cyber side-kick, Sue.

We hope you all find our example entry helpful! Now put your nose to the grind stone and get your winning entry submitted before the clock runs out.

Please note: This entry will NOT be considered for judging. It was submitted to serve as an example to assist those contestants who had a few questions and are struggling with preparing their own winning entry.

Good Luck!

Comments for Bag Lady to Build Best Internet Small Business in the Entire Cyber World

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The Best Built Batty Bag Business
by: Anonymouse, okey, it's me SuperNan

You know guys, don't bag the old [Bag]!

With the world as crazy as it is, Sue(the old bag herself) may be onto a winner. Oops spelling error! Sue(the old bag lady herself) meant to say...

And with this Free Web Hosting and Free Site Giveaway she has a great chance to pull it off!

I'm taking direction from you two anyway and giving her a run for her money, so look out for my entry.

Plenty of room in the cyber sandpit for the SuperNan, move over guys I want to play!


The Bag Lady Better NOT Build Yet Another "Best Internet Small Business"!
by: Anonymous

Truly, she has too many internet enterprises going on as it is.

Bits and Bytes, if you don't want to be exploring the nether regions of cyber space, you best keep this concept to yourselves. (I mean it you two! Enough is enough!)

Not to mention the fact that the bag is absolutely hideous.

How mortifying to think that you two could even begin to think that there might be a market for an eye sore like that. . .

Now knock it off!


The Anonymous Love of Sue's Life

P.S. I can send Gnomely after you both and he'll give you a taste of his ever so enchanting and entertaining "help!" ;-)

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