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The Best Affiliate Programs
Assessing a Profitable Affiliate Marketing Opportunity

What are the Best Affiliate Programs? Well, for starters it's the ones that pay an excellent and reliable commission rate!

For years the best paying affiliate internet marketing companies were viewed as "sin" types. You know, the ones that involved any sort of adult entertainment, gambling or drugs.

However, with the introduction of regulations and laws these types of affiliate marketing opportunities have become very controversial and quite risky to say the least.

So what are the most Profitable Affiliate Niches these days? 
  • Finance
  • Real estate
  • Insurance
  • Technology
  • Software
  • Web hosting
  • Travel
  • Health and Wellness
Niche related topics for these categories now top the list of offering the best affiliate programs and are the most profitable.

While it is very easy to join an affiliate marketing network such as Commission Junction, Link Share; it is theindependent affiliate arrangementslike ClickBank, that can really provide the greatest ROI- return on your investment- which is in this case, your time.

Becoming a direct affiliate of a specific merchant's affiliate program typically offers a higher percentage in commission along with more attractive terms but it does require thorough research before joining. 

Quick note: Independent merchant programs can be the best affiliate programs to partner with.

Be familiar with the pros and cons of an affiliate marketing program benefits.

Although each affiliate internet marketing program differs, there are five major characteristics to consider that will impact your ebusiness monetizing goals:
  1. Commission Rate- The more the better!

  2. Type of Affiliate Program- The most common are pay per sale, pay per click, pay per lead, bounty, two tier, residual, and multi-level-marketing.

  3. Cookie Life- Merchants use internet cookies to store information on a user's computer to retrieve at a later time. Affiliate cookies include a text based unique ID for each visitor along with an expiration date. The longer the life of the cookie the better.

  4. Resources- Affiliate programs that provide a wide variety of promotional material, text and banner links, and tracking systems save a ton of time.

  5. Support- Easily accessible affiliate managers who quickly answer questions and problem solve.

To help you put these characteristics into perspective,
consider the example of. . .

The Tale of Two Affiliate Programs is one of the Big Daddy affiliate internet marketing programs. You can literally promote any product or service they have listed in their HUGE selection. Truly, there is something for everyone.

However, pays one of the lowest commission rate starting at 6% per sale with a cookie that expires in 24 hours along with support that basically is self-help.

As a much smaller and individual affiliate program, Site Build It! (SBI) is quite different.

The commission rate starts at a 25% which translates into $75 per sale, includes lifetime residual income for every annual renewal (therefore the commission rate actually translates into $75 per year, per sale), a lifetime cookie for most products so even if a visitor who clicked on your link decides to purchase 5, 10 or 20 years from now you still earn the commission, 2 tier affiliate income, tons of off line and web-based promotional resources, and readily available 24/7 support. (Learn more. . .) Cha-ching!

The difference is readily apparent isn't it?

That being said however, in my opinion, it is always helpful to have a diverse source of revenue when building a website ebusiness that generates reliable income.

There can be a place for both of these affiliate programs if each offers your visitors the goods or services they want.

Affiliate Masters Course
Affiliate Signup

For example, I am an affiliate of despite the pitiful commission rate because I can offer visitors such enchanting opportunities engaging the services of their very own Website Building Help Mentor. Now you just don't find that everyday, do you?

I am also an affiliate of the SBI site building and web hosting service.

That's because I know from personal experience that SBI has the best suite of features and services needed for building a profitable website business. (Rated as one of the best affiliate programs on the internet for the past several years by the way.)

Because I personally use SBI for my own websites, I can really take pride in recommending SBI to anyone interested in starting a small hobby website, web-based business or to up and coming businesses who haven't yet ventured onto the internet to showcase their company.

When all is said and done. . .

The best affiliate program is one that works well for your website niche,
provides your visitors with exactly what they want and delivers the best ROI.

These are a few great resources that will help you learn how to assess the best affiliate programs for your website business.
So curl up in your favorite comfy spot and know that the time you have dedicated to learning the ins and outs of affiliate marketing will be a great return on your investment!

Home Based Business Affiliate

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