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Best Keywords and Concept for Website on Kids Crafts

by Marylyn (SuperNan)

Hi Sue,

I've been researching the best keywords to use for my new website concept for kids crafts. (Isn't that fabulous?) I'm so-o-o excited that I can barely wait to get started.

So I have the "Kids Crafts" keyword supply and demand numbers. Now I have been brainstorming for a wonderful domain name to go along with that keyword phrase.

How about these keywords?


    Demand: 3417
    Supply: 423535
    Profitability: 8

Then there is another option:


    Demand: 3895
    Supply: 3880
    Profitability: 1004

The numbers are so different that I thought that it might matter which one I chose.

If it doesn't, then I prefer the hyphen version myself.


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Choosing the Best Keywords and Concept for Kids Crafts Website
by: Sue

Hi Marylyn,

Hmmm... Obviously, the keyword supply and demand numbers for "cando" are much more attractive than for "can do".

However, I did look up "cando" thinking that it just might be some prehistoric creature, a retro dance step or a type of funky snack but all I came back with from my search was a town in Nebraska or somewhere.

It just seems like a noun when you are definitely talking about a big hearty verb...

Can Do!

I'm not the best on all the considerations and criteria one should consider in selecting a domain name other than it should include your primary keywords, be easy to remember, and potentially brandable. (I was too late learning that with my first site or the name for that site would have been very, very different!)

Even though the keyword statistics aren't very attractive or profitable for "Can Do" that is the one that seems to make the most sense. (To me and I would suspect for your future visitors to the site as well.)

Plus, "Can Do" sure is a great concept for branding and creating an online empire of "Can Do" websites...



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