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Select the Best Keywords
Conducting an Analysis for Website Keywords

Select the best keywords for all your web pages.

Keyword analysis is an essential part of any small business website plan.

Hands down, keyword selection simply creates the best foundation possible for ensuring a successful online business.

Using any keyword search tool will help you prepare a preliminary list of the best and most profitable keywords possible for each page you outline for your site content.

best keywords Needless to say it is critically important to start off on the right road when building a website that will be successful.

Choosing the best keywords work will work to generate income for you 24/7!

Your keyword selections will also determine if your web pages will be found on the first page or two of search engine results.

The keywords you select will:

  • Determine if your site and web pages will show up in search engine results
  • Directly influence how visitors will find your site
  • Impact your site ranking with the search engines
  • Affect the amount generated by pay per click ads

The trick to identifying the best keywords can be summed up by the applying the theory of the economic laws of supply and demand.

Your goal is to select website keywords that have a high demand and low supply.

In other words, your keyword analysis focuses on terms and phrases that are used frequently to find information on the internet (demand) but are not as competitive (supply).

A great keyword search tool is the handy dandy specialized Search It! Webmaster tool (yes, it's free) that features a keyword search function that accesses several different data bases like Google Adwords, Work Tracker, Overture and Yahoo. Or start with Google's free keyword search tool.

Downside: The keyword tool is fabulous but the sales page is a bit too much "in your face" if you know what I mean.  Just ignore that and know that you will be getting an awesome keyword analysis product that you will use on a daily forever after!) The "Niche Finder" keyword tool is a companion product that helps you identify a profitable niche for your soon-to-be online business website.

Here's an example of a keyword analysis:

Let's take the keyword "ecommerce".

Results show that this single keyword is very competitive with extremely high demand and very high supply numbers.

Therefore, a web page would have a very difficult time being found by people using this very competitive keyword.

Since the keyword search tool also displays a list of possible keyword combinations related to the term ecommerce, identifying ideas for finding the best keywords to use for other web pages is very helpful too.

Quick Tip:

I sort my keyword list by the highest demand and the lowest supply which guarantees the highest profitability for each keyword I use.  THEN, I write web pages using those keywords FIRST!  It's a great strategy to ensure that your web pages rank well (and quickly) with the search engines.

Using a keyword search tool is great way to. . .

  • Get ideas for different keyword combinations
  • Narrow down the keyword selection process
  • Determine the most profitable keyword combinations

The best strategy is to choose "profitable keywords" for each web page!

The initial analysis of the keyword "ecommerce" reveals that by using a more descriptive keyword phrase like "ecommerce business", there is still significant demand but much less supply.

Therefore, a web page using the keyword phrase of "ecommerce business" will not only have a much better chance at showing up in the search engine results when people seek out information on ecommerce, that particular keyword phrase also has a much greater worth!

That means that any ads you place on your site,
like from the Google Adsense Program, will
generate more income when clicked.


Tip: Using search term phrases in the form of two or three descriptive words (or more) is typically a much better keyword strategy than using a single word.

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In order for your potential visitors to find your website, your site needs to show up on the first page of search engine results. The keywords you select help determine if your pages will be found by people searching for the information your site offers.

Bear in mind that the keywords for your home page will be broader than the keywords for your tier two pages. While tier 3 web pages will typically have very specific, more narrowly focused keywords.

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