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Best Pay Per Click
How to Select the Best Keywords

best keywords

Get the best pay per click from the ads displayed by the Google Adsense program by choosing the most profitable, best keywords for each and every web page on your site by using this quick and easy strategy.

If you are planning to integrate pay per click advertising on your site as a part of your monetizing strategy then choosing the most profitable keywords is an absolute must.

. . .And for goodness sake, why wouldn't you?

It just takes a few extra minutes of research. Really!

There are keywords,
there are good keywords and then there
are the best, most profitable keywords

Finding these wonderful gems of potential income generators is all in the amount of effort that you put into researching the keywords you use for each web page that you build on your site.

To determine keyword worth fire up your Search It! tool, (you can try it free) then add the keyword(s) you have selected for your web page and view the entire range that the keywords are worth; from the least paid per click to the most.

Another way to assess the profitability of keywords which will help you select the keywords that return the best pay per click is by using a professional keyword tool like Brad Callen's Keyword Elite Software or the Google Adwords Tool.

Here's how:
  • In the first box of the Google keywords tool select the search for "descriptive words or phrases"

  • In the search box add the list of specific keyword terms and you are considering for a particular web page

  • Place a check mark to "use synonyms"

  • Enter the characters you see to activate the "Get keywords" search

  • When the list of keywords is displayed, select "SHOW ALL" for "Choose columns to display"

  • Click the column heading,"Estimated Avg CPC", to sort the keyword list by estimated cost-per-click

Not only will you be able to determine the worth of the website keywords you select, the list provided by either of these two keyword research methods will provide great ideas for other keyword phrases that might generate even more income.

This is a great strategy to utilize in order to select the best keywords to ensure the ads served to your site by the Google Adsense Program return the best pay per click possible resulting in a great return on your investment (ROI) of the few extra  minutes it takes to complete your research.

Carefully chosen keywords will also provide your web pages with a much better outcome in being listed on the first pages of results returned by the search engines as well as generating a higher income from the ads displayed on your web pages.

Always consider keyword "worth" data so that you select the most profitable keywords possible for each web page!  (Those are the keywords that have the highest demand with the lowest supply.)

Website income from the Google adsense Program and other advertising sources is determined by the worth of the keywords selected for each web page.

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