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Building a Business Website
However big, small or one person show, having a website to showcase your business simply isn't an option any more.

It is a MUST!

To get started building a business website you'll need a good small business web site builder, create a professional web page site design and secure affordable business web hosting.

Or maybe you just don't have the time or interest in building a website all by yourself but you know that establishing an internet presence is essential for the grow and crediblity of your business. . .

Maybe you already have a website but it simply doesn't inspire much in the way of professional confidence to your potential customers or is it that no one can find your website when they do a search for it on the internet?

For instance, the charity I volunteer for went from this pitiful website:

To. . .
this amazing new professional website:

Now be perfectly honest. . .
Which website do you think inspires the most credibility and confidence?

Even a basic "brochure" type of website that highlights your products or services with contact information is essential in this day and age. It's a simple fact that most people use the internet to verify the credibility of any business.  (That's how they "Check you out"!)

Sometimes it just makes sense to contract out tasks to someone who is a specialist in their field with highly regarded expertise. Inevitably the product produced with proficiency, like a highly professional business website, is unmistakable in its quality that reinforces credibility.

If you have ever considered having a website built for you or want to "professionalize" the website you already have, then you probably already know that there are a gazillion website designers, small business web site builder services, all types of web page site design elements to consider and then there is the search for an affordable business web hosting service.

Although everything you need to start building a business website is available within a click of your mouse, it can be so overwhelming figure out the best place to start. The other option is to find a service that specializes in building a business website and have the website built for you.

Take my own experience. . .

I have volunteered for a children's charity for the past ten years or so.
The Cherish the Children board members recently determined that the current website built in the early days of the organization leaves a lot to be desired. You can see what I mean here: Cherish the Children  

Isn't that website just too pitiful for words?

For starters, when anyone would search for "Cherish the Children" they couldn't even find the site!

That's because the website was built with a free web hosting service, Zoomshare. Therefore, the web address includes the Zoomshare company name. As a result, unless you add the word "Zoomshare" to the search phrase "Cherish the Children" the website remains lost to any and all who try to find it.

It's kind of like the website is just wandering aimlessly around cyber space.

Second of all, the site doesn't inspire much in the way of credibility or professionalism does it? Even though CTC used the free small business web site builder program because it was popular and easy to use at the time, the website simply doesn't do justice to the mission of CTC. (Frankly, I personally think the website is downright embarrassing. . .)

So the Charity's board commissioned a new website to be designed with yours truly heading up the project.

With my little bit of experience building a business website I didn't hesitate for a nanosecond. I contacted SiteSell services and contracted for the 10 web page site design package and they started building a business website on behalf of Cherish the Children right away.

You're probably thinking why I immediately contacted SiteSell, right?

In a nutshell, this sums-up why I chose SiteSell Services. . .

When you want quality you select someone who is a specialist in their field with highly regarded expertise. Plus, comparisons clearly demonstrate that the SiteSell package for building a business website provides the most bang for the buck.

As I'm sure you already know, Charities always, always have to consider the affordability factor!

The SiteSell "building a business website for you" service not only includes affordable business web hosting and professional web page site design but an easy ("e"diot proof) small business web site builder program that is simple enough for any of the CTC volunteers to use in the future in order to keep the new website updated.

SiteSell ServicesSince SiteSell does all the work of. . .
  • Planning out the site structure

  • Registering a new domain name (web address) to ensure that the new website will be found immediately when someone searches for the charity

  • Creating an inspiring, professional web page site design that highlights the mission of the charity

  • Focuses on building a business website that will ensure that the charity will have a strong presence on the www.
(Plus, quite selfishly, I don't have to do all that time consuming research and leg work myself!)

Along with the SiteSell "Building a Business Website for Me" packages, the monthly affordable business web hosting fee of $29, includes all the features that will enable CTC to add to the website in the future.

For instance, someday Cherish the Children would like to start a newsletter, accept donations on line, allow people to register through the website for our annual golf tournament, send out notices of upcoming events and so on.

All of these capabilities are included in the SiteSell affordable business web hosting package so Cherish the Children can rest assured that there won't be any surprising extra charges down the road.

Plus, a beautiful new website will lend credibility to the organization and showcase the charity in a professional light.

Simply breathtakingly lovely isn't it?
(If I do say so myself!)

It's like the Cherish the Children website underwent a fairy tale transformation like the ugly duckling did who grew into a beautiful swan.

Aside from the huge time commitment it would have taken me or any other volunteer to start building a business website, the investment in a professional small business web site builder service speaks for itself, doesn't it.

Now who wouldn't want to volunteer a few hours of their time to keep the Cherish the Children website updated? I'm happy to say that the pleasure is all mine!

The bottom line?

At a minimum, people will be able to take a peek at what you have to offer, be able to easily obtain contact information, get directions, and basically to simply "check you out!"

To learn more about all the options offered by SiteSell's "Building a Business Website For You" professional web page site design services:
SiteSell Website Building Services

Dr. Ken Evoy, the founder of Site Build It explains the philosophy of SiteSell:

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