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Building a Website and Opening Links in a New Window

by Connie
(East Coast)

Open Links in a New Window When Building a Website?

Open Links in a New Window When Building a Website?

I already have a website. Right now I am wondering if I am building it right. Do I always have links open in a new window when building a website?

When I link from my site to another page off of my site, I use target blank to make it open in a new window. This means my site is still there under that new page.

I have also been doing this on my site so readers will come back to the original page they were reading.

Now I'm wondering if this is a good idea. Should I be letting people explore or go off in different directions on my site or try to keep them where they were?

I need all of your help. Thanks

Your Cup of Tea

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Linking to Web Pages
by: Sue

Great question Connie!

For internal links that direct visitors to a different page your site, I generally will not open those links in a new window.

Most people now-a-days are familiar enough to use the back button if they want to return to the web page they were viewing.

When every page, external and internal, all open in a new window it can be very irritating for visitors to find that they have a qazillion windows open.

So for a general rule of thumb, I will open a link in a new window for external links that direct visitors off the site, but any internal links that simply direct visitors to another page on my site will not open in a new window.

Of course, there are a few exceptions here and there; particularly on the home page. I am more likely to have any link open in a new window on my home page- external or internal. Especially if the link directs the visitor to the ezine sign-up page or a sales page.

That way visitors have windows open to reconsider, explore the site some more or take an extra peek at my MWR before they click away all together.

Gee, It sounds much more confusing when written all out then it is in reality.

I hope that all make sense. . .


Follow Up on Building a Website
by: Connie

Thank you Sue.

That definitely did help. Can you tell me how you handle internal linking on your own site?

Do you open those links in a new window using the HTML target blank on those links?

Opening Links in a New WIndow When Building a Website
by: Sue

Hi Connie!

As a basic rule of thumb you do want to open most of your links to other sites in a new window so that your visitor will stay and browse on your site longer.

You don't want to send your visitor away!

I do the same as you do for the very same reason. There are a few circumstances, depending on my "Most Wanted Response" (MWR), when I deliberately send a visitor directly to a different site.

For example, from my other website I direct visitors to this site on the pages about how I built that website without opening a new window.

Or, there are a very few occasions when I have sold a text ad and the advertiser requires that the link can not open in a new window or have the "no follow" attribute. (I charge much more for those type of ads).

Otherwise, your inclination is correct. Don't deliberately direct your visitors away from your site. When building a website it is more beneficial to have your links to external sources open in a new window.

Hope that helps!


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