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Building an Ecommerce Site Using SBI Again

by LTK

Hi Sue,

My next questions is about building an ecommerce site using SBI.

If you were to build another online business from ground zero all over again, would you still choose to use the Site Build It service?

If no, why?

If yes, why?

Would you build a new website business the same way or differently; why and how?

What mistakes would you avoid to create a better web business?

How would you do things building an ecommerce site more profitably, efficiently, effectively and quickly?

I'm looking forward to learning your thoughts and experiences.


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Building an Ecommerce Site
by: Sue

Yes! Without hesitation I would use SBI to build another ecommerce site!

And as a matter of fact, I did just that. (And I honestly wouldn?t think of ever using any other web hosting service now that I know how well the SBI ecommerce site building techniques work.)

The Skin Care Resource Center was my first SBI site:
The Skin Care Resource Center

It became a no-brainer for me because SBI gave me the tools I needed (in a way that I understood) along with the instruction and support to learn how to build a business on the internet.

Like you, technology is not intuitive to me at all so it took me nearly two years before I bumbled along enough to start making any money. And even then it was just a few dollars a day at best.

Now that site is averaging close to 3K a month. Not bad for a hobby. (I still work full time.)

This site, Website Tips, is my second SBI site. I wanted a "fun" site where I could share what I learned about building a profitable web business with others. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Building a website is WORK!

The learning curve for those like me who can't figure out how to program a number into their cell phone can be long and frustrating at times. But it is also so much fun, rewarding and gives me a huge sense of accomplishment to "figure" out the next thing.

It is important to note that many other SBIers are MUCH more successful than I am. But my goal is to set a firm foundation of my own ebusiness for when I retire 7 years from now so I decided right from the beginning to take it slow.

Would you do it the same way or differently; why and how?
If I knew then what I know now, I would have taken the time to plan out the skin care site, understood clearly what I was doing by going through the action guide one sentence at a time instead of "winging it". I would have used the SBI forums for help right from the beginning instead of thinking that I could figure out everything myself.

What mistakes would you avoid?
Thinking I could figure things out by myself instead of asking for help. That would have prevented a TON of missteps along the way the first few years.

How would you do things more profitably, efficiently, effectively and quickly?
Plan, Plan, Plan. Learn how important keywords are. Create a blueprint of the site FIRST. Research profitable monetizing strategies FIRST. (I didn't even know a website like mine could make money for the entire first year!)

What an "e"diot I was when I started on my ebusiness adventure. . .

(And I have to confess, while I have learned a TON, I still can be such an "e"dummy at times!)

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Thank You All!
I started this website a few years ago as a labor of love to help others learn how to build their own web business.
(Knowing that if I could, it would be a piece of cake for everyone else on the planet!)

Your feedback and success stories are a constant source of inspiration for me!

A HUGE thanks to the "SBI!" software that made it possible for even an "e"dummy like me learn how to build a website that's now profitable internet business.

Please keep your comments, feedback and questions coming!
I love hearing from you. . .

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