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Can Sitesell Affiliates Make Money by Promoting their URL

SiteSell offers a great affiliate marketing opportunity. But can SiteSell SBI affiliates make money promoting their URL?

And if so, how can I promote my SBI SiteSell Affiliate URL link even if I don't have a website of my own? Where can I promote my affiliate URL link?

Can I use Traffic Exchanges or Safelist emails?

Please help me! I want to promote my Sitesell affiliate URL links but I am just not understanding how to go by doing it.

Please tell my how I can work at home promoting SBI and make some income as a SiteSell affiliate.

Thank You,


Hi Jacqueline,

First of all, GREAT choice in affilate programs! SiteSell is one of the most reputable affiliate programs you can find. They also pay a very hefty commission in their highly regarded 2 tier affiliate program.

At $75 per sale with the yearly reoccurring renewal income as well as the tier 2 commissions, selling the Site Build It! (SBI) website ebusiness building and web hosting package is simply one of the best affiliate programs you can join.

To get to the heart of your questions on leveraging the SiteSell affiliate marketing opportunity. . .

Of course you can!

Let me count the ways. . .

First, I assume that you have already reqistered to be a SBI SiteSell Affiliate. If not, here is the registration page:
SiteSell Affiliate Registration

Next, be sure to read the Affiliate Masters Course, (it's free) and provides a great foundation for affiliate marketing:
Affiliate Masters Course

Then, login
to the SiteSell Affiliate Club where you will see a variety of helpful resources listed on the left. Select the "Offline Selling" link.

You will discover a wealth of ideas, strategies, marketing techniques, and materials that you can download and use to distribute or market SBI.

You can also use your SiteSell affiliate URL's in email campaigns, posting to blogs or forums, press releases, articles, or of course, you can always promote SiteSell offline at workshops you host at your local community center, and to area businesses that don't have a website yet.

The possibilities are as endless as your imagination!

The SiteSell Affiliate Offline Marketing and Sales kit will give you a good head start. Be sure that you that you review the guide on selling to local businesses as well as print out a good supply of offline SBI order forms.

I hope I've helped you see the variety of different opportunites you have to sell SBI.

But I can't help myself. I have to ask. . .

Why don't you build your own website?

It doesn't have to be a website about SiteSell's Site Build It! program. It can be about anything that you have a passion about. (Maybe a website about how to earn income working from home would be a good fit?)

You can create a few pages on your website to promote your SiteSell Affiliate URL's.

Make a Gazillion Jacqueline!


P.S. For those interested in more information about the SiteSell Affiliate Program you can read about the details here:
SBI SiteSell Affiliate Program

SiteSell Affiliate Signup

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SBI Affiliate Program
by: Chuck

Hi Jacqueline,

I have built a SBI website that is about vegetable gardening and I am also a SBI SiteSell affiliate.

Although I do make a few sales now and then from the affiliate links I have on my website, most of my SBI sales come from my participation on various committees of my local Chamber of Commerce.

It's amazing to me just how many small businesses do not have a website! I talk to many business owners every week about how important it is as part of their business plan to market their business on the web. In my opinion, not having a presence on the internet these days is almost like the kiss of death. A website establishes a certain level of credibility.

I'm not a "hard sell" sort of guy. I simply show business owners how easy it is to use SBI to build their own website. It is helpful that I have built my own SBI website because I use that as an example when I demonstrate how easy it is to build a web page.

There are so many ways that you can be successful as a SiteSell affiliate. I wish you success.


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