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Choosing the Best Keywords for Starting a Web Business that will Be Profitable

by Marylyn

Choosing the Best Keywords for Starting a Web Business that will Earn Some Money!

Choosing the Best Keywords for Starting a Web Business that will Earn Some Money!

Now I'm working on choosing the best keywords for starting a web business because as you know, in the end I do want to generate some extra income.

I keep forgetting that Australia is one big island, a bit bigger than Anguilla! But I have experienced some of its beaches, personal experience, voice of authority and so forth. I love Aussie beaches as I said before and writing about them and beach fun sits well.

Monetization potential is fantastic as well, it takes into consideration the following...

    $ Touring
    $ Staying
    $ Renting
    $ Buying
    $ Enjoying
    $ Funning in general all round terms.

I've been working on choosing the very best keywords for starting a web business so I can build a profitable site.

I'm really getting excited about creating a website on Australian Beaches because I can recommend it well, make great referrals and offer wonderful guidance.

I can also give lots of tips from a Parent's point of view on sorts of subject matters that makes going to the beach a fun experience! Yeah!

As far as angle of approach and finding my own particular "spin" for the website, I can come from a family's point of view as I am quite familiar with the subject matter.

Even though I am not a surfer; I am not a villa person, an ocean fisher, a scuba diver and so on I know I can present great information on Australian beach fun. I am Me, a Nanny, once Mummy and that is my "unique voice" for the website.

It won't be anything like one of those cold calculating and impersonal travel booking site . . . although creating some Affiliate arrangements in that arena will play a major role in the site earning revenue.

So, I think that or is almost born!

It should be an extremely exciting year and I am really looking forward to some fun times.

Sue, thank you so much for helping me to crystallize my thinking and enter the year 2010 with a clear and focused direction.


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Choosing the Best Keywords for Starting a Web Business
by: Sue

Hi Marylyn,


Much better. . .

Love it!

Plus, those keywords aren't nearly as competitive as your first go around.

I agree that Australia beach is the better choice.

I would suggest that you register one domain in the traditional manner then then buy the other as a hyphenated version: for $10 a year.

That way you can use the SBI redirect function to generate more traffic to your domain. You can also be sure that you won't have a competitor snapping up the version of your domain name that you didn't register; i.e., the hyphenated or unhyphenated version of your site address.

I have used that strategy with both my sites as well as purchasing the domain name of the title of my ebook.

Your new cyber baby is really starting to shape up now, isn't it?

Now you can start mapping out your website structure for your tier two and tier three pages along with continuing your research for the best keywords that show the most profitability to go along with all the ideas you have in mind for your new site.

Don't forget to start exploring possible monetizing opportunities. It's never too early to start getting a list of potential revenue generating resources together that you can follow-up on once your site starts to grow a bit.


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