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Cilly Cyber Linguistics! Learning Computer Terms

by Marylyn (SuperNan)
(Melbourne, Australia)

Cilly SuperNan

Cilly SuperNan

Oh Gnomely,

Little did I know or realize what I was in for! Learning all those computer terms and cilly cyber linguistics almost did me in.

I was always under the impression that sandpits were for playing in but oh,oh...

Climb into the cyber sandpit and you are in for one big eye opening experience!

In here I found pockets of quicksand that not even my techie' friend (thank the powers that be for such amazing, clever, unique and very strangely geekish human beings) was unable to pull me out of.

Good thing that the pit was only knee high otherwise you and I would not be exchanging cyber talk!

Gnomely, cyber linguistics was a shock to my system and I think I am still trying to get over it!

Way back in my high school days it took me 3 years to finally pass Leaving German! So language is not my forte. Computer terms are not different.

Cyber language was to prove no different but I found out very early in the piece that unless I learnt, and quickly mind you, I was going to be a very lonely little girl in my cyber sandpit with no one to play with!

So one cyber word at a time I began!

I chose HTML as my first word, didn't even get to the actual language before I was in trouble, and it wasn't until my daughter stopped rolling around the floor and finally catching her breath
exclaimed "No Mum, it's not Hot Mail" did I really realize that I was very cyber dyslexic.

So it has been a slow process learning how to decipher Hot mail er sorry Html and now I am about to climb into another cyber sandpit of unknown horrors with the CSS (cilly sounding sissies) crew!

Well, maybe in a few weeks.

You know the other thing about all this cyber linguistic and cilly computer terms stuff that I find frustrating...

If you leave a . off or put it where it shouldn't be...

If you - where you should have _

If you don't > then you are in real strife and trying to find out where you made that cilly cyber blunder can take forever, way past my bedtime sometimes.

Still the old saying "Use it or Loose it" rings true in this household.

At 61 I am having the time of my life, making stacks of errors but learning so much about the strange world of Cyber Space, Star Wars has nothing on this academy award winning epic.

I am learning the art of Web Site creation and loving the cyber paintbrush and canvas. Here is my on going work of art, Picasso would be so proud...

Family Getaways Melbourne

Needless to say I most likely will have a lot more tragic and dysfunctional cyber linguistic stories to hand down to my great grandchildren but then again I may just Hot Mail them instead!

Marylyn (SuperNan)

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Learning Computer Terms
by: Sue

Hey SuperNan!

Awesome photo... you can work some magic with graphics, that's for sure.

I have to admit that my eyes still roll up inside my head when I hear new "Cilly Cyber Linguistics".

Learning computer terms along with all the ins and outs of how to apply them properly to site building is probably one of the biggest challenge that I face day in and day out.


I do wish I was a Cyber Whiz Einstein type!

Then there are the times when you inadvertently leave a space when you are inserting an image or link... what do you get when you do that?

Nothing! Absolutely NOTHING!

Well, I just lied. (Didn't mean to though).

You actually get a page that you have just worked hours on that is completely blank! Then is a riveting game of hide and seek to fine that one cilly cyber error...

All in all, it is a very gratifying challenge to keep learning and growing. Because as you do, so does your site!


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