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ClickBank Review

by Sue
(Web Site Building Tips)

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ClickBank Review

ClickBank is the largest eproduct retail source on the internet. Merchants are invited to list any type of digital product for sale from ebooks to video downloads on ClickBank’s marketplace. ClickBank handles the entire payment processing including refunds and resolving disputes.

Anyone interested in promoting a product(s) listed in the marketplace can sign-up (for free) to become an affiliate. Typically ClickBank affiliates are paid very generous commissions of 50% or more per sale.

Since the ClickBank Marketplace lists over 10,000 digital products (though the majority are ebooks) there is a wide range of eproducts to choose from which can provide a significant source of income for affiliates.

For the sellers of eproducts, since there are well over 100,000 affiliates registered with ClickBank, listing a digital product on the CB marketplace can be a very lucrative strategy since there is a ready supply of affiliates that can be recruited as a mini sales force to promote your products.

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ClickBank has an easy, streamlined process for both merchants interested in listing and showcasing their eproducts as well as for affiliates to
register to promote products. The tracking and payment processing tools are very reliable and straightforward to use.

CB is an extremely reputable provider as evidenced by commission checks which are paid regularly once the minimum payment threshold is attained and customer service is available if needed.

For merchants, ClickBank charges a one time activation fee of $49.95 to list each eproduct on the marketplace. This can be a huge drawback if you have lots of ebooks or other digital products to list. For affiliates, it is important to carefully review the digital products you are considering promoting.

While there are a gazillion wonderful and helpful products offered on the ClickBank marketplace, unfortunately some or the eproducts are just plain scammy junk. Always, always request a review copy from the merchant or a trial before endorsing the product to your visitors.

Whether you have developed your own affiliate program, list eproducts with other online marketplaces like eJunkie, don’t rule out utilizing the vast reach of ClickBank.

If you have a digital product, then spending the $49.95 to list it on ClickBank is well worth the investment. ClickBank is simply too good of a resource to ignore, even if used as just one piece of your marketing strategy.

ClickBank also provides extraordinary opportunities to generate income for affiliates as well.

Learn More: About the ClickBank Marketplace

$49.95 listing fee for each digital product.

ClickBank Review

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ClickBank Affiliate
by: Cecil

ClickBank is a MUST for anyone selling a digital product or for anyone interested in earning good affiliate income. (Or, of course, you can do both as many website owners do.)

ClickBank, hands down, is the best place to list a digital product in order to recruit a literal army of affiliate. The more affiliates you have selling your products the more sales you make. It's a no-brainer in my book.

For website owners, you can make more per sale with a ClickBank product than with all the other affiliate aggregators together. Amazon pays a measly 4%, most companies listed with Commission Junction or Linkshare offer between 5% to 10% while most ClickBank products earn an average of 50% or more. Even one CB sale can provide more earnings than selling 50 products for merchants listed with LS, SAS or CJ.

Good review by the way!

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