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It is best to compare web hosting companies by conducting a thorough evaluation of all the critical aspects of a variety of different dedicated hosting services.

Then you will be sure to select the best business web hosting company for your small business web site.

There are literally so many options for dedicated web hosting services available it can make your head spin.

So how do you go about assessing the right business web hosting service for your soon to be small business web site?

Start with a thorough review of all the features offered.


You need to:
  • Compare monthly fees
  • Compare customer service
  • Compare quality of technical support
  • Compare reliability
  • Compare features
  • Compare ease of use
. . . and so on.

Once you have narrowed down your choices to the top two or three, other factors to consider in evaluating web hosting companies for your small business web site are:
  • Amount of web hosting experience: How long has the company offered web hosting services? (WhoIs is an easy resource that will quickly provide this information.)

  • Area of Expertise: Does the company have a particular area of hosting expertise such as a focus on supporting ecommerce websites?

  • Customer Service: It might sound ridiculous but does the company have a telephone number? If so, does a real person answer the phone who will answer your questions? It is surprising how many companies simply do not make a phone number readily available!

  • Technical Support: Most web hosting companies offer some sort of on-line technical support; whether through email, forums, or on-line Q&A forms. The more support options available, the better.

    Caution: Be sure to determine which support services are free of charge! Many companies will charge per request or "incident", especially if it is phone support. Usually email and other forms of on-line support are free, (or should be!)

  • Customer Satisfaction: Are testimonials and/or case studies readily available of current customers? Can you review the websites of customers?

  • Additional Fees: Know ahead of time if there are extra fees assessed, how much and what for: Set-up, upgrades, additional server space, email accounts, plug-ins, etc.

  • Technical Capabilities: Is there a maximum amount of space allocated for each account? Adequate server, data storage, connectivity, reliability, and internet speed capabilities?

  • Usability: Look for services that offer a big selection of website templates as well as simple instructions and "point and click" site building tools. (All in easy to understand words rather than the difficult to interpret "geek speak").

  • Free Trial: Is there a free trial option or a refund policy if you determine that the business web hosting services isn't a good fit?

Simply gather as much information as possible as you compare web hosting companies.

Your efforts will reward you by enabling you to make an educated decision on the best dedicated hosting service for your small business website. You'll be glad you did!

Just as "location, location, location" is the mantra
in real estate, the same can be said for 
hosting your website!

You want your small business web site located on the very best servers on the internet in a friendly, safe environment that offers the most amenities.

Pssst. . .

Be sure to get the most for least!

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