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Copyright Infringement Cases
The Infuriating Tale of Two Cites:
Citation #1. Unauthorized Use
Citation #2. Settlement Demand Notice

Part 3 of 4
(The continuation of this l-o-n-g but critically important story!):

Copyright Infringement CasesAs their stack of copyright infringement cases grows, Getty cleverly yet with very questionable ethics, selectively uses just bits and pieces of the US Internet Copyright Laws to charge unsuspecting victims with abusing copyright on the internet rules that smacks of extortion.

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Yes indeed, it's your favorite friendly super cyber whiz (again with the third part of this heart-stopping tale), Gnomely, Webmaster Extraordinaire, here to remind you (quite emphatically) DO NOT, under any circumstances what-so-ever, let the big corporate guys bully you!


That's what they are!


Copyright Infringement CasesSue started learning all the ins and outs about copyright infringement cases.

She slowly and carefully studied the unauthorized use letter and the settlement demand notice she had received from Getty Images.
Then spent oodles and oodles of time researching.

It was essential to learn the real answers to the frequently asked questions on internet copyright laws she had received in the packet sent to her by Getty.

Fortunately, once the panic subsided her brain cells started to work again Sue realized that she would have no way of knowing whether the visitors who uploaded the graphics to her site owned a licensed to the images or not.

Lucky for Sue, she had included submission guidelines that included reference to copyright on the internet rules that visitors had to agree to before submitting their information.  In my infinite wisdom, I knew that this precaution might actually work to help protect her from the Getty Images threat of a lawsuit:

As Sue continued to carefully study the wording and the tone of the letter she became angrier and angrier.

Getty Images sure made it sound like she was not only accused but charged, tried, judged, convicted and had an arbitrary sentence imposed upon her all in the space of eight pages.
Copyright Infringement Cases

Sue became quite enraged at this point.  Who wouldn't?

How dare they? 

Clearly Getty was cleverly using just selective bits and pieces of the US Internet Copyright Laws to conveniently twist them into an ill-conceived monetizing model that I mentioned earlier.

Basically, it all amounts to an all out deliberate extortion scheme.
Copyright Infringement Cases
So Sue rolled-up her sleeves and decided to take a swipe at the big guys.

She sure wasn't going down as one of Getty's copyright infringement cases without a big, nasty fight. . .

That's my girl! 

So she spent hours upon hours researching her bejeebers off starting with the US Copyright Laws:

Then she discovered the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 amending the US Internet Copyright Laws to include a provision for online copyright infringement liability limitation:

AH. . . .

Now we were finally getting somewhere!
(Notice how I said we? I always lend Sue my vast and considerable wisdom
and talent to help her out of these types of cyber pickles.)

For those of you who allow your visitors to share information on your websites but haven't a clue if the material happens to violate any internet copyright laws or not, thank the US Legislature for amending the Copyright Laws to protect unsuspecting website owners and other online entities to include Chapter 5 section 512:

Sue then methodically combed forums, blogs and anything else she could think of on the internet to learn what she could do from similar experiences with Getty's threat of become one of their many copyright infringement cases that others had faced.

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