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Copyright on the Internet
The Infuriating Tale of Two Cites:
Citation #1. Unauthorized Use
Citation #2. Settlement Demand Notice

Part 2 of 4
(The continuation of this l-o-n-g but important story!):

Copyright on the InternetAs all website owners know, it is critical to respect all copyright on the internet rules or they can leave themselves open to experiencing internet copyright issues and, as a result, find themselves subjected to enforcement of internet copyright laws.

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Yes indeed, it's your favorite friendly super cyber whiz (again with the second part of this heart-stopping tale), Gnomely, Webmaster Extraordinaire, here to remind you (quite emphatically) DO NOT, under any circumstances what-so-ever, let the big corporate guys bully you!

Here's why. . .

As Sue has unfortunately experienced, Getty Images has adopted an all out-and-out predatory stance in regards to their dubious ethical practice of creating a monetizing strategy by employing their own enforcement of copyright on the internet, that quite frankly, smacks of downright extortion.

The not-so-nice letter Sue received from Getty Images accused her of being in violation of internet copyright laws included a demand notice for retroactive payment, penalty fees and settlement charges- to the tune of a mere $1,655- for the unauthorized use of 2 images on her anti-aging skin care site. (Payment due upon receipt no less!)

Just take a look at the entire 8 page packet she received from Getty Image's "Copyright Compliance Team":

Can you believe it?

To me, all the material appears to be a basically thinly veiled bulling tactic detailing a carefully spun justification of Getty Images to send threatening settlement demands notices for astronomical amounts of money in an effort to scare the beejeebers out of the recipients so they will immediately send Getty the money demanded!

If you ask me, I think this is a downright despicable way for Getty to pad their ample bottom line!

Getty even had the audacity to include a FAQ that addresses a variety of internet copyright issues that clearly allows for no recourse, options, discussion or negotiation whatsoever other then to immediately send payment or risk the threat that their legal department will pursue filing a lawsuit to add to their growing number of copyright infringement cases.

Copyright on the InternetAs Sue read the through the packet the first time, I know for a fact that her stomach became more and more nauseous- to the point that I was almost certain that she would have to run for the kitchen sink to heave-ho her lunch.

Holy Toledo! 


How could Sue (or anyone else for that matter) possible come up with that kind of money?

Immediately no less! 

Those cads.

Even I, the most insightful and talented Cyber Gnome of all time, could clearly see that panic had started to set in and that Sue's heart had started to pound at a fierce rate. After having to stand stoically by and witness that fearsome rant that included all that endless cursing, her lip started to quiver and tears began to roll down her cheeks.

I felt so bad for her but however brilliant I might be, let's be brutally honest here, whatever is a miniature over-stuffed Gnome going to do other than to lend my never-ending silent support by standing stoically by her side and giving her all the encouragement that my wee little presence can convey to help her battle these false copyright on the internet allegations.

True to Sue's usual form, I sighed with relief as she finally swiped the tears from her face with shaking hands and took a deep, long breath. (Well, if truth be told, I think it was really an acute case of hyperventilation which gradually subsided into a form of deep, desperate gasps for air.)

Internet Copyright Issues
That's my girl! 

She had managed to put aside the hysterics and put on her thinking cap in response to my silent mental equivalent of a "get a grip girl, haul up those big girl panties and start figuring this out" pep talk.

As Sue gradually calmed down, her brain cells kicked into high gear as she began figuring out how she wasn't going to belly-up and take Getty Image's accusations, threats or demands for her hard earned money without a good old-fashioned get-your-dukes-up, roll-in-the-dirt, all out fight. . .

No one, not even a big respected company like Getty, was going to make false accusations about her website and her lack of compliance with any of the copyright on the internet laws.

Yee Haw!

You go get 'em girl!
Right then and there before my astonished eyes, Sue donned her armor and transformed herself into the notorious. . .

(I would now like to have the privilege of humbly presenting Sue's top-secret alter ego.)

The one.

The only.

(Psst. . .  Wild applause here.)

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