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How to Create a Business Web Site

Marylyn Demonstrates That
Even a Young-at-Heart Grandmother
Can Build a Website

Create a Business Website

Even Marylyn Can Build a Website!
    Marylyn has started to create a business web site!

    (You do remember Marylyn don't you?)

    She was one of the happy winners of the Free Website and Web Hosting Contest we held a little while ago.

She's really been rock'in and roll'in right along too!

Marylyn has ever so generously agreed to share her experience in how her dream to build a website is in the process of coming true.

Learn the process of how Marylyn is starting a web business of her very own each and every step of the way.

The good, the bad and the ugly.

The links below provides you with an inside look at everything involved in building an ecommerce site and everything you need to do in order to build a website through the eyes of this very entertaining and young-at-heart Grandmother.

If you want to learn what is involved in starting a web business right from the very beginning then by all means, read on. . .

Although the process involved in starting a web business certainly does takes time; with some good old fashioned hard work and at least 4 to 5 functioning brain cells, Marylyn demonstrates that isn't any more difficult to build a website than it is to learn how to make a Slinky navigate going down the stairs.

Take a quick peek at how big her pride and joy is getting after just a few months! Can-Do-Kids-Crafts

Read all about Marylyn's account of her journey to begin a fun and educational web site for children that will also become an ebusiness to provide extra income in her retirement. . .

Starting a Web Business Means You Need to Build a Website!

Marylyn shares her experience in the process of how to build a website and create a business website, each step of the way...

Marylyn's step-by step web site building adventure:

Click the links below to learn about each step in Marylyn's site building process

NOTE: Please feel free to add your tips, suggestions, and comments. We'd all also love to learn about your experiences in building an ecommerce site or how you started to build a website.

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If you have any questions about how to create
a business web site ask away!

And please feel free to jump right in and share any thoughts, feedback or helpful suggestions for any of the topics that Marylyn has shared using the form above.

I hope you enjoy all the riveting (and eye-opening) details of Marylyn's step-by-step site building adventure. . .

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