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How to Create a Site Map

Why should you create a site map? What is a website map anyways? How do you go about creating a site map?
Why do you need one?

These are all excellent questions!

Web site maps are an important element of any site.

Site maps a quick and easy way for your visitors to find the information they are looking for, quickly!
create a site map
Website maps are also a critically important navigation tool that helps search engines catalog all the content and web pages on your site.

Frankly, the presence of a site map is your best insurance that your web pages will be indexed by the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask.

Think of your site map as yummy spider food for the search engines.

They are great way to improve search engine optimization because website maps ensures that all your web pages are available and can readily be found by the search engines and visitors alike.

A website map is simply a listing of all the pages on your website.

That's all!  Nothing fancy.  Not too difficult.

web site mapsA website map helps your visitors and the search engines find all your web pages.

It's a win-win for everyone!

(For the search engines and humans.)

Web site maps serve as a clear, descriptive outline of your site.

It helps both your visitors and the search engines locate all the information and pages on your site in a glance.

There is no need to make it complicated either. Just keep it super simple.



If you need more detailed help, Google has a very straight forward tutorial on how to create different types of site maps here:
Site Map Tutorial

Valuable Site Building Tip:
Be sure to designate your site map as a tier 2 page. That way it will serve double duty by keeping all your web pages within one click of your home page.

Create a site map that clearly represents the entire
architecture of your website to improve SEO and provide a navigational aid for your visitors.

creating a site map

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