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Directory Web Site Submission
Simply a "Must!"

The directory web site submission process is essential to marketing your website, building visibility, credibility and your reputation on the internet.

Directory Web Site Submission

Listing your website with directories is actually quite a simple process.

Although, without a doubt, website submission is a boring and tedious task but an absolutely necessary one!

Personally, I find it helpful to use directory submission software in order to make the process go much faster and to make the most efficient use of my time.

I have used the free version of the Internet Market's Directory Web Site Submission software but have long since upgraded to their premium level directory submission software since it offers so many more options and features.

I do so love web tools and services that make the
tedious site building and SEO chores quick and easy!

While I haven't found any directory web site submission software to be perfect and without a few annoying idiosyncrasies, I appreciate that I can achieve my goal of submitting to at least 5 to 10 directories each week in a matter of 5 to 10 minutes rather than an hour or more.

There are literally a gazillion web directories that offer links for free. Other directories charge a fee or require a link exchange.

I recommend listing your website with both free and paid directories.
However, I do skip the directory sites that require a link exchange.

Here's the scoop between the two. . .

Free Website Submission Directories require a few considerations:
  • List with those with a page rank of 3 or higher
  • Make sure that the directory doesn't use the "no follow" attribute on the links submitted (Take a quick peek at "view source" to learn this information)
  • Avoid those that require you to sign-up for a ream of newsletters (or your inbox will be inundated in no time!)
  • Looks matter: If the site looks cheesy or ill-kept, pass.
  • Size does matter: If the site only shows a handful of listing in each category, pass.
  • Be patient. It can take months (and sometimes never) for some directories to list your site for "free".

Paid Listings:
  • Listing your website with directories certainly reinforces the adage, "You do get what you pay for."
  • As with any premium service, your submission receives attention- fast!
  • Usually you will find that paid directories offer a good page rank along with delivering a fair amount of consistent traffic to your site demonstrating that your investment is worthwhile!


Don't pay to submit your site to any of the major search engines! (Although you will need to submit your site map if your web host doesn't do that for you in order to alert their "spiders" to crawl your site.)  Eventually, all the major search engines will find your site and it will get listed! Just be patient.

Save your money for a better return on your investment.

Why waste $299 a year on a Yahoo listing when they don't even guarantee that your site will be listed?

Search engines have programs which crawl around the web gathering information about websites.

website submissionYou've no doubt heard of the Googlebot, then there is Yahoo Slurp and other search engines have similar types of "spiders" which crawl around your site and feed their respective search engine information about your site's content.

Trust me, as you add content overtime, your site will get listed with all the major search engines so save your money!

(Have you ever wondered just how each search engine spiders gets its' name? Googlebot actually makes a lot of sense to me, but Slurp?)

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With enough content and as you build both your internal and external links the major search engine spiders all eventually come to pay your website a visit and harvest the information necessary to index your site.

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