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e Business Blog an e Waste

by Dan

My e Business Blog Turned Out to be a Colossal e Waste of Time!

My e Business Blog Turned Out to be a Colossal e Waste of Time!

You want to start an e Business Blog to make some money on the side? Are you nuts? Been there, done that. What a colossal e waste of time!

Don't do it!

Do you know that a blog is essentially one long, never ending page?

Neither did I.

I spent hours, days even, researching nice search engine friendly keywords so my new project to earn a bit of much needed extra cash would show up first in search engine results.


It was mostly all for nothing. (Well, not exactly nothing but none of my work or careful keyword research was certainly not doing my new e business blog much good.)

What I learned after many painful months slaving away on my new venture was that it is d*mn hard to make money with a blog. You really need a platform that provides much more opportunity.

After more research, that platform turned out to be a simple website.

You see, I discovered that a website allows you to publish unlimited web pages, all with a unique and different keyword so that people can actually find your information. (I gave myself a big, huge dope slap!)


Fortunately, all my work and effort wasn't a total waste. I was able to turn all the material I had written on my e business blog and revamp it into hundreds of web pages!

On each of those web pages, I was able to include different types of monetizing strategies. It was well worth the time to convert a basically zero income project into one that is now turning a nice little profit of close to 1K a month- and only after 8 months!

I sure am rock'in it now. . .

And the real kicker is, I can add a blog feature right on my website so I can have the best of both worlds!


It's one of those expereinces that you chalk up to, "If I only knew then what I know now."

So my advice to you is if you want to start a blog, do yourself a favor and build a website that has a blog feature instead.

That way you will have the best of both worlds plus twice the opportunity to grow a viable internet business for yourself and earn some extra cash too!

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