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Ecommerce SEO the 10 SEO Tips to Optimize Product Descriptions

by Traian Neacsu

Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO:

10 SEO Tips to Optimize Product Descriptions

Here are some guidelines to use in order write better product descriptions for higher rankings in search engines. (Feel free to contribute with your thoughts):

1. First and most important, write for the users (appealing, provocative language) but try to have at least 250 words to feed the search engine bots.

2. Second, but still important, don't use the manufacturer description. They are probably on every other site. Write your own, starting with the products with the highest:
a) visits
b) conversion rate (try to improve it)
c) page views
d) demand

3. Review the product descriptions and make sure you mention the product name at least once for each 100 words of the copy, or couple of times for each 150. In terms of SEO this is called keyword density and is measured as percentage of total indexable text and the occurrences of a certain word.

I call it common sense copy writing and advise you not to get obsessed with this. In case you want to know a good keyword density, go around 2%-2.5%.

4. Each description should contain the single most important keyword for your site/business and link it to the home page. One instance per product description is more than enough. If possible, make that keyword the first link of the product description. Google gives more importance to the first link within the body text.

5. In your copy try to use some keywords from your breadcrumbs (home > category > subcategory > product name). Again, these
links have to link to the respective pages. Don't abuse by repeating all of them. One should be enough.

6. Mention other categories to which the product is related to. The ideal place to do so is within your copy, but it may work as ending sentence of the product description.

7. If the product is known by other names, you should include them in your description too. (see Ecommerce SEO tip #6).

8. If your product description are extensive (hundreds/thousands of words) you can use tabbed navigation to minimize the vertical space and expand/collapse.

In this case make sure the implementation is SEO friendly (based on CSS and accessible to search engine bots). If you apply this solution, make sure that the tabbed content gets indexed by bots, by looking at the cached version of your pages.

9. If your product has genuine reviews, try to incorporate a review within your copy and link to the review section on the page, something like more use the product name reviews.

10. Additionally, your copy should contain variations of your keyword. I'll take the word seater as example:

o the root form of the keyword: seat
o variations: seating
o synonyms: chair
o related words: the wonder wheel from google can provide great insights.

We all know it's not easy to write to convince humans and search engine robots, but that's the way to higher rankings. Of course, you should link to your internal pages from some external sites.

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Ecommerce SEO
by: websiteperth

I like your 2nd option 'to make your own description because it makes your description unique.

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