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Finding a Web Site Tutor to Help Build a Website

by Jocee

Web Site Tutor Needed to Enter the Virtual World of Site Building

Web Site Tutor Needed to Enter the Virtual World of Site Building

I'd love to have a web site tutor to help build a website! I have enjoyed reading each step of Marylyn's web site building. (It's really helpful for us "newbie's" to know that site building can be fun and most of all "doable"!) You and Marylyn make creating a web business so enjoyable despite all the obvious work that goes into planning a web business.

How can I get a web site tutor like you? I think the mentoring you are providing Marylyn is fabulous and something that everyone starting off learning how to build a website needs. (Yes, I'm jealous!!)

You both have really inspired me to start planning out my own business website. I have had this great idea rolling around in my head for years but I have never really pursued it because I didn't feel like I had the skills necessary to even begin to consider building my own website.

But this step-by-baby-step process that you are walking Marylyn through sure has convinced me that anyone with a bit of patience and willingness to work hard can certainly create a business web site of their own.

So, I know this is totally brazen of me, but will you be my web site tutor? If you can't, I absolutely understand. Hopefully you will be able to recommend an alternative option for me. I would really like to have someone hold my hand as I get started on this new site building adventure.

It's going to be awesome to tell my friends that I'm becoming an internet entrepreneur!

I'm going to follow your advice and open an entirely new world of opportunity.

I'm so excited that I can hardly wait. . .


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Your Web Site Tutor!
by: Sue

Hi Jocee,

Unfortunately you are right. If there were a 100 hours in every day, I would be happy to be your web site tutor.

And you're absolutely correct, it does make a huge difference to have someone to guide you through the process, especially the beginning steps, to build a website that will be successful.

The website planning phase is critical to starting up a web business!

Happily, there are many options for you though!

Here are a few resources that I can wholeheartedly recommend that will help you get started:
Feel free to ask any questions you might have on building your website here and I will happily help you with whatever I can:
"How to Build a Website": Questions and Answers

Last, but not least...

Did you see my special offer for a Free Website Analysis? :-)

You can check that out here:
Details on the special Free Website Analysis Offer

Happy Site Building!


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