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How to Build a Free Web Store
In 3 Easy (and Different) Ways. . .

Build a Free Web Store

Creating your own free web store is about as easy as it comes to start generating a little extra income in sales commissions.

Adding a web site store to your site is a simple matter of using a website store builder readily available from affiliate marketing programs.

(Plus, it will earn you some income too!)

Do you want to try building a web store?


Let's get right to it then. . .

There are a variety of options available for creating a free web store but for now I'll stick with describing the three most popular ones.

Each of these website store builder programs are offered through well recognized and reliable internet businesses.

Any type of web site thrives with a diverse monetizing strategy which is why I personally use each of these web site store options on my sites.

Although each of these free web store formats are quite different from each other, each one is easy to use and can generate a reliable, steady stream of revenue.

1. aStore:

Once you are approved as an affiliate you can promote any of the products listed on Amazon in a variety of ways.

The Amazon aStore format couldn't be easier to add to any website. Simply select the products that you want to feature on your site, follow the easy point and click directions that Amazon provides and copy the code generated, paste it on your web page and off you go!

Here's an example of an aStore:
Gnomely's Website Building Help aStore

Tip: Amazon also allows you to add your own logo to your aStore as well as a link to your website!

2. PopShops:

Popshops feature products from thousands of merchants that list themselves with several of the top affiliate marketing companies such as Commission Junction, LinkShare, Google's Affiliate Network, Share-a-Sale and so forth.

It is important to make sure that you are already approved an affiliate with not only the affiliate marketing company but with the individual merchant that carries the specific products you want to feature in your PopShop.

There are many options to customize the look of your Popshops so that your shop will fit in seamlessly with the look and feel of your website design.

Tip: Be sure to check the status of your PopShop web site stores a few times a week because some of the specific the product links seem to expire with frustrating frequency.

3. Majon Free Shopping Mall:

This is the quickest and easiest web site store to build of them all!

The Majon Mall website store builder not only provides you with the option to customize your own mall style web site store, you can also choose a separate domain name as well as optimize the free web store with primary keywords related to your site niche.

The Free Mall has many more features than any other free web store builder programs. You are even encouraged to add specific product links using your ClickBank affiliate ID# as well as to add Google Adsense, Searchfeed, and Kontera in order to help you generate additional streams of income.

You can also add descriptive text and links pointing to merchandise that you feature on your own site. (Hint: Remember to use anchor text links to your ebook or eservice will also provide you with some very nice juicy backlinks!)

The only drawback to building a Majon free web store is that it is a free standing site and not the kind of web site store like the Amazon aStore or PopShops that you can integrate right into one of your web pages.

This means that you will need to provide the URL of your mall store to your visitors in order for them to go shopping.

Although, unlike any other web store builder, Majon's Free Mall Web Site Store also has a particularly nice feature that accommodates YouTube Video uploads, banner ads, and more.

Tip:  Click the "Shopping Mall" link at the top right-hand side of the page and select "Get a Free Mall Store".

Each of these options for building a free web store gives you the ability to really customize your mall to suit the needs and interests of your visitors.


How easy it that?

Didn't I tell you that building a free website store wasn't going to be difficult?

In less than an hour or two (tops) you can create any one of 3 different types of a web site store using any of these free website store builder options to generate additional revenue streams to your website.

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