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GoDaddy com Web Hosting

by Chuck

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GoDaddy com Web Hosting

Provides website hosting, offers site building tools as well as a domain name registration service.

Cheap. Unless you want to add additional features, bandwidth, or anything else then they nickel and dime you to death.

GoDaddy's domain registration service offers a variety of URL extensions and cost less than most other domain registrars.

Best Webmaster Tools

Site Building Tools
Where do I start? This particular hosting service is a major pain in the kabunzies. It's hard to use even though they promote the fact that their interface is "intuitive."

It's not. GoDaddy badgers you to death to purchase additional features to add onto your website. Customer service stinks, there isn't any help provided to assist you in navigating through the ridiculous maze of different screens.

Unless you just want to register a domain name, then click away as fast as you can!

However, if you only want to create a simple website that has only a handful of pages, then the GoDaddy hosting service is manageable.

For any other type of small website you’ll be better off using any other free web hosting service on the internet then paying what you think will be a few dollars a month for an overly hyped up web hosting company like GoDaddy.

For a comprehensive website with the range of features such as a sign-up form, blog, social media options and so forth; there are plenty of great options for under $30 a month that will give you all you need (and usually way more) for jus one all inclusive monthly fee.

Starting price $4.99 per month for the very minimal basics needed to launch a website then the price escalates to ridiculous amounts for what should be standard features with unlimited capacity!

Why Pay More? $7.49.COM Domains from - 336x280

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