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Good Site Building ~ Getting it Wrong Until You Get it Right

Good Site Building?  Getting it Wrong Can Work!

Good Site Building? Getting it Wrong Can Work!

What is good site building?

In a nutshell it means that you learn from your mistakes!

But like anyone else, do you know what I hate the most about the site building process?

Getting it wrong!

Sometimes despite the amount of research you put into a new strategy to implement, or the amount of time you put into developing a new web page that you expect to be the most perfect offering of all time. . .

What happens?

You get it wrong!

Your strategy doesn't work.

I hate that!

At best, the strategy produces nothing. No interest, no sales, no nothing.

At worse, it fails. Miserably.

Why? I ask myself.

How did it go wrong?

What didn't I do correctly?

Well, the answer is simpler than you might think. (At least this is what I tell myself.)

It's a test. It's an experiment. If you do nothing, you get nothing.

If you at least try and it fails you have something.

You have information.

Actually, you have very valuable information. You have information that proves you didn't implement your strategy well.

You have now created an opportunity.

You have given yourself a chance to improve and test. Then test again. To keep testing until you get it right.

(Or many times for me, test until I at least see some results.)

When I start to notice results, I begin to learn and understand a little bit better how I can improve my site building skills. Learning good site building techniques and strategies means a lot of
trial and error along with a fair amount of failures.

I put those lessons to work for me by duplicating and perfecting the strategies that work until I start to produce even better results.

You see, in site building most people do best by doing.

It's okay to fail!

It's okay to make mistakes.

It's okay to get it wrong.

Use that as a springboard to learn from.

In my mind it is far better than by doing nothing.

Site building techniques and strategies change all the time. Some are tried and true and will work for almost any type of website. Many others evolve as the internet evolves so we have to adapt and be ready to try out a variety of different a things to see if they will be a good fit for our sites or not.

Many times, one size does not fit all. One form of monetizing might be an excellent fit for one site and yet a dismal disaster on another.



Then test again.

Get it wrong until you get it right.

See the opportunity in failing.

Begin to make changes and I expect that you too will learn that by working through your failure only means that success will eventually be waiting for you right around the corner.

In essence, it can be said that good site building and creating a successful ebusiness can be as much about getting it right as it is about getting it wrong.

Kind of twisted thinking isn't it?

But in reality, it's so-o-o true!

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The Upside
by: Connie

I see the upside of this trying and continuing to try until you succeed as being an easier road to building your second, third and fourth sites. At least that is my goal for now.

Of course it is helpful to find sites such as this to help with those obstacles that stand in our way. Having super human helpers like Gnomley can only make the path less hazardous. His warnings will certainly be heeded by me.

Gnomley, you can count on me to keep your secret from Sue and that terrible beast she favors (tiny though he may be).

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