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Google Keyword Search Tool
Use the Wonder Wheel to Find Good Keywords
and Increase Targeted Web Site Traffic

Have you tried the new Google Keyword Search Tool yet?
Google Ad Links

Do you ever get stuck thinking of new keywords related to your website niche?
The Wonder Wheel uncovers a never ending supply of good keywords so you will be able to increase targeted web site traffic.
When you get stuck finding the perfect keyword then take this baby for a joy ride!

You definitely need to spend some time playing around with Google's Wonder Wheel.

Here's how you find Google's Keyword Wonder Wheel:
  1. Enter a search term to bring you to Google's Search Results Page.
  2. On the left hand column click on the "All results" heading
  3. Then click the wonder wheel link:

Wonder Wheel

The Google Wonder Wheel works to uncover hidden keyword treasures:
(I'm using the search term "good keywords" for this example)
  1. Type a keyword term into the search box to activate the Wonder Wheel.
  2. The search term will appear in the center of the wheel with a selection of related keyword options surrounding it.

Google Keyword Search Tool

Here's how you mine for those nuggets of keyword gold. . .

I'm going to select one of the related keyword options that the wonder wheel revealed, "google search terms" which starts a deeper search for related terms.

The Wonder Wheel goes around all over again for another wonderful keyword discovery joy ride. . .

Good Keyword

It's like a hidden treasure chest full of beautiful keywords!  
(Not to mention providing a bounty of new keyword ideas when you get stuck. . .)

Increase Targeted Web Site Traffic

Just imagine how deeply you can dig for the most precious, good keywords on your web pages so your site is found first when visitors are searching for information related to your niche!

Isn't that great?

Another of my personal favorite keyword
tools is. . .

(Yes, it's free too. )

This site building search tool features a variety of great functions as well as a very helpful keyword search feature that accesses several different data bases like Google Adwords, Work Tracker, Overture and Yahoo.

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