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Help with Web 2.0 Tools for Collecting Visitor Golf Course Reviews

by Michael
(Charleston, SC)

Web 2.0 Tools for Collecting Visitor Golf Course Reviews

Web 2.0 Tools for Collecting Visitor Golf Course Reviews

I need help finding Web 2.0 Tools to collect visitor golf course reviews. Here is what I would like to do. . .

I want to put together a website for golfers.

The intent of the website is for golfers to be able to add their golf course (if it has not already been added), rate the course (or one already in the database of courses), comment on the present condition of the course(s), but ultimately visit the site to see the current conditions of the course(s) as described by the recent players of the course(s).

I thought about a blog or BB's, but not sure I can make those work.

A form could collect the data, but how do I get it back to the appropriate page in the website as an immediate post?

Wow! I must be out of my mind.

Thank you for any suggestions.

Hi Michael,

What a fabulous idea! Especially since your area of the country is a golfer's heaven.

But I have to ask. . .

Doesn't your web host have a function that allows visitors to post a comment or review on your site? I guess that I am happy that mine does because I think the alternative is going to unfortunately be rather tedious.

You could collect visitor reviews via a submission form, then copy, paste, and format them each into a separate web page. You could then add
the Facebook comment feature to automatically collect and post current information. I have one at the end of my home page. Feel free to leave a comment if you like! :-)

I would then create a tier 2 page as an index or directory to each review as well as create a link to the directory on the nav bar.

I did take a peek at Google tools to see if there was a plug-in type of program that you could use but I didn’t see anything that even came close to what I think you want to accomplish.

My website host, SBI, has what they call a Web 2.0 Tool for Content Building that allows visitors to submit content which I then review and approve before building the page. (The form you used to ask this question is part of the module) It's all automated so I don’t really have to do a thing.

Let's see if anyone else answers your question with a brilliant resolution. I’m sorry that I couldn’t be more helpful. (I guess I'm spoiled because my website service includes all sorts of neat features that makes many site building tasks automated. . .)


P.S. I fell in LOVE with Charleston this past fall. What a beautiful city. We stayed in Hilton Head and while the guys in the family golfed, the ladies explored Savannah and Charleston (and everything between those two cities!)

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