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Home Based Business Web Site Showcases My Invention

by Michael
(New York, NY)

Being an entrepreneur and creating inventions isn't a career, it's a lifestyle!

Home Based Business Web Site Showcases My Invention.

People are being forced now more than ever to tap into their most prized resource and possession, which is their minds. Entrepreneurship means to be an outside the box thinker when it comes to being innovative.

I built my web site and started my home based business in 2005. If you're not a webmaster or have no experience creating websites there's plenty of web enabled programs like to help you create a fully functional ecommerce site that rivals top business sites.

All you have to do is follow the directions, add key information on their web form, click and publish.

I came up with an idea, created a prototype, patented & trademarked it, then presented it to industry in just a short 3 year span.

Now I sell them in over 140 countries and my home base business is growing world wide. I launched my invention of the world's smallest fishing rod & reels across the globe on It's called a Pen Fishing Rod.

What's a Pen Fishing Rod you ask?

It's a really cool invention that is 7 3/4" fully closed, resembles a large pen and fits in your pocket, backpack, pocketbook, lunch box, picnic basket or pretty much anywhere you put it. All you have to do to enjoy this miniature fishing rod is take the cap off and extend the telescopic rod open to reveal a 5' 3" fully functional fishing rod.

Each fishing rod comes with your choice of 9 different reels which cover everything from fly fishing all the way to spin casting reels. This little rod is all the rage for the outdoor, fishing world right now.

After creating one how to video showing the product actually working, this in turn gave customers the satisfaction of knowing the product was exactly as advertised and the confidence in which to purchase my product to use it as it was intended.

I then created a viral video marketing program by asking customers to create similar videos of
themselves using my products and uploading them to as well.

By doing this it extended the relationship with my customers past the point of sale and created a user based cyber fishing community online in which they could interact with other customers who purchased and uploaded videos of themselves using the products.

Before I knew it there was over 100 videos showcasing my miniature fishing rods and reels made by happy customers from all over the globe.

This endeavor also gave me free advertisement for the life of my product and produced a successful viral video marketing campaign which led to the growing success of my products throughout the world.

Here is the main video link from which is featured on our home page:

Here's the story on my blog of how it went viral:

There's over 100 videos made by happy kids from all over the globe on showcasing their outdoor, fishing talents. Each video will show you someone from different parts of the world having fun using a Pen Fishing Rod.

Here's a few more samples: offers prizes for the biggest fish caught and posted on video for that given year, and the chance at a $5,000.00 prize for a world record!

The first video on the very popular video social network that started the new fishing revolution is a short 4:39 second pitch video with a little pizzazz & some Beethoven music to compliment and introduce the new product.

Our main video is:

The staff at are very helpful in guiding new fishermen & women to choose which rod & reel combo would be a good choice for both experienced & beginner anglers.

The prices for combos start at a low $25.99 all the way to a pro set up that will run you just $44.99. The product is fun and I recommend it to anyone who is looking to get out of the City, go camping, wet their line, or just pass some time near the water.

Tight Lines,
Michael Di Pippo
President & CEO,

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