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Home Based Internet Business

Fill Your Empty Nest by Starting Your Own Home Based Internet Business:
Giving Birth to your own Cyber Baby!
(Part 3)

Home Based Internet Business

Cyber Baby Series:

Giving yourself "The Business" is just a wee bit different when you have a Cyber Baby. . .

Because it's a home based internet business!

Contrary to maddening experiences I have had to deal with trying to outwit my other two children, each day I actually find myself looking forward in anticipation for to give me the business!

Becoming a Cyber Mom of a growing newborn Cyber Baby has certainly shed a whole new perspective and shaken the foundation to what I once regarded as the basics of Parenting 101.

As with my other children, I have fallen head over heels in love this Cyber Baby.

Although without a doubt, as with any rambunctious youngster, there have been quite a few challenges, hiccups, bumps, bruises and near catastrophes along the way.

I have to confess that I do occasionally fret, sporadically experience anguish over not knowing the best approach to addressing a particular predicament; then, of course there is the inevitable despair, frequent rants, and at times, I have even succumbed to weeping uncontrollably in frustration.

But, all in all, my heart nearly bursts with pride as I watch in wonder as my Cyber Baby develops and matures into a thriving home based internet business.

I beam with pleasure as I recall those first online baby steps
that bravely brought this toddling new virtual being
happily into cyber space.

Meticulously dressed to the nines in the very latest designer graphics while gently tapping the keyboard with one hand and firmly clutching the cord of the beloved yet well worn favorite mouse dragging along behind in the other, my little one ventured right out into the WWW without so much as a backwards glance.

Needless to say, parenting such a precocious and independent Cyber Baby has totally filled my previously empty and boring middle years with a welcomed challenge, unexpected enjoyment and an incredibly rewarding sense of adventure.

Of course, just like every parent in the universe, I have big dreams and long term goals for this latest offspring of mine.

I am gently shaping and nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit of this budding online whiz kid to boldly go where none have dared to go before; to explore and begin the incubation process of an astral innovation for internet midwifery!

By creating an inspiring elearning niche in helping others to build their own home based internet business, I envision that the legacy of will someday reflect that an empty nest can indeed be filled with wonder and discovery.

That this Cyber Baby will serve as a portal of encouragement that will inspire others to nurture their ideas and fan their passions for the whole world to see.

I am so proud to be a new Mom all over again and am treasuring the prospect of watching the abilities of this engaging and charismatic new Cyber Baby develop and my home based internet business grow.

As grows into maturity, I fully expect, just as I did for my two grown boys, that this baby too will shine with the care and attention that I wholly intend to lavish upon it.

 I can't tell you how heartening it is to hear the delightful pitter-patter of cheerful little clicks echoing throughout the house once again.

So what will you fill your empty nest with?

business opportunity

Site Build It!

  • Do you have a fabulous idea that is just waiting to be nurtured in order to be brought to life?
  • Or have you hidden your secret passions away for so long that you need to go on a soul searching treasure hunt?
  • Is it time to press escape, heed the call of adventure and enter an entirely new world of opportunity?

Why not breathe some life into your dreams?

While I find it absolutely exhilarating to build my own home based internet business website a.k.a. my Cyber Baby, my sister answered the call of an entirely different passion.

Chris fills her empty nest with an ongoing parade of abandoned puppies, fostering them instead of knowing that otherwise they would be sentenced to a cold, dark, loveless cage in an animal shelter. My best friend, Anne, is refurbishing her empty nest with yet another promising new freelancing career and my Mom's nest is literally blossoming in the abundance of her labors as she vigorously weeds her way through a humongous perennial jungle.

Now that I'm happily busy learning a entirely new set of geek laded parenting skills in order to provide the proper guidance that will support my newborn Cyber Baby in living a long, productive, profitable and meaningful virtual existence, I can assure you that I am not even remotely a home alone mother bored to tears any longer. has certainly seen to that by curing any and all residual effects of tedium that might have been lurking about my empty nest.

Oh my!

Would you look at the time?

Gotta go!

I promised that eager little bundle of adorable cyberness that we would investigate that ever popular Virtual Realm of Weblog this afternoon, entertain some famous bloggers and perhaps snag a few of those scrumptious blogrolls. In order for any internet small business to mature properly it's important to mingle among the right circuits you know. . .

Cyber Baby Series:

Watch how you can create your own magic. . .

SBI! eLearning

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