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Homemaker Learns How to Build an Internet Business

by Sharon

How to Build an Internet Business

How to Build an Internet Business

You know what my husband said to me once? “You know honey, sometimes I hear the other guys complain about the things their wives like to do and how much money it costs. My wife?? (Here he gets this fun, shrug his shoulders, roll his eyes, grin), she likes to can!“

And I do.

For whatever reason, I like that feeling of taking care of my family and their needs.

Here is something else about me: I am a prime candidate for empty nest syndrome! I homeschool, I love being a wife and mother. My oldest just graduated and left home. My next two boys are in high school. My saving grace from the empty nest is my little surprise boy. He is six. I love six.

What’s a girl to do?

I love what I do. I do not want to stop doing it. However, I wanted to expand my horizons a bit without sacrificing what I love about my life. I decided to learn how to start an internet business.

Sooooo, I started piddling around with blogging and e-bay. I sorted through internet business scams. Then I found SBI. I used my love of gardening and home canning; SBI taught me how to build an internet business.

Simply Canning is my way of sharing a little part of my passion and make money too. My business is building. The site is less than a year old and showing that it is going to be profitable! Yes, I can make money at home and have fun too.

Now I am a wife, home educator, and webmaster!

It makes me grin to think that I, little ol’ me, am a webmaster. But there’s the proof:

AND. . . I have ideas for MORE sites floating around in this little ol’ head of mine.

Sister sites to Simply Canning? Homeschooling? Colorado travel? The ideas are there, I just need to sort them out. That is where SBI comes in.

The idea of how to build an internet business. . .


This is so exciting.

My husband travels for work. . . bummer. He can be gone for weeks at a time. In these times we are grateful for the work and certainly NOT complaining.

However, with another internet business income opportunity, MAYBE. . . just maybe. . . with Site Build It's help, I could develop this into an internet business with enough income for him to come home to stay.

In fact, maybe, just maybe I could convince him to learn how to start an internet business too!

Now wouldn’t THAT be exciting?

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Thank You All!
I started this website a few years ago as a labor of love to help others learn how to build their own web business.
(Knowing that if I could, it would be a piece of cake for everyone else on the planet!)

Your feedback and success stories are a constant source of inspiration for me!

A HUGE thanks to the "SBI!" software that made it possible for even an "e"dummy like me learn how to build a website that's now profitable internet business.

Please keep your comments, feedback and questions coming!
I love hearing from you. . .

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