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How Do I Make Money With a Website?

by Vithue
(West of the Mississippi)

Making Money with a Web Site

Making Money with a Web Site

How do I make money with a website? I want to start my own website but am interested in learning what would be the best (and quickest) way to earn money before I get started.

I've already read about many of the different ways that a website can generate income but I am curious to know which ones are the best ways and which monetizing strategies earn the most money.

I appreciate any suggestions you can make.

Thank you for your help.


P.S. I really enjoyed meeting "Gnomely", Webmaster Extraordinaire. That web page and related articles are hysterical! I needed a good laugh as I try and figure out all this business about the best and most profitable way to go about building a website.

I'm sure that when I get started on this new website building venture that I can come back and add quite a few "Don't Do It" stories to Gnomely's Website Building Journal!

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Make Money Online
by: Anonymous

There is a web site on the Internet where you can earn an amount of money.

By clicking on advertisements and not closing the page for 30 seconds the advertisers pay you $0.01.

These are companies or individuals who advertise their products on that site and pay you for the viewing.

You can then invite your friends to be your referrals and the more people you invite the more money you'll earn. They pay you a percent of their money balance.

When registering fill in the correct personal details because they pay you by check. Any wrong information may lead to not getting the transaction in the bank.

How to Make Money With a Website
by: Mike

Equally important is how you implement your sales and marketing strategies. You need a laser beamed focused approach that will appeal to the needs of your visitors.

If you promote the right product, one that you have extensively researched and know without a doubt that it is one that your visitors will want and need, then you are half-way to earning some income.

The other key element in my mind is how you approach your marketing strategy. The sledge hammer approach rarely works.

Rather, an honest appraisal of the product along with the benefits and features tends to be a much more productive marketing strategy.

How to Make Money With a Website
by: Sue

Well, Vithue, that's one complicated question to answer mainly because it all depends. . .

It depends on your research, planning and the choices you make before you even begin to build your site.

Choices about your site theme, the keywords you choose, the products you select to promote, the quality, desirability and market for your own products if you have them and the list goes on and on and on.

Making money quickly is also very dependent on a gazillion different factors as well.

Usually it simply takes time for your website to get ranked by the search engines, to establish traffic, and to gain the confidence of your visitors before they will be motivated to purchase anything from your site.

It is helpful to spend your time researching a profitable niche that also has tons of possible profitable keywords you can use when building your web pages. (The Search It! tool is a great resource to use when researching just about anything related to site building. And it's free).

Profitable keywords will bring in more revenue if you put Google Adsense on your site. Products that offer high commission rates, a long-term cookie duration, and reoccurring income potential are much more desirable than the 5% to 10% commission rates offered by Affiliate Marketplace sites such as LinkShare, Commission Junction, Amazon, and Share-a-Sale.

Again, the variety of ways to earn income on your website is extensive. (Check-out the "Earn It" page on the navigation bare for a list of some of the revenue generating possibilities.)

The key is to really do your research on how you plan to monetize your website as you explore possible website themes.

Let us know how you make out!

If anyone else can offer more advice than I can, please feel free to jump right in and share your thoughts! We'd love to hear them.


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