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How to Get a Website on the Internet

by Mark

How to Get a Website on the Internet

How to Get a Website on the Internet

I'm puzzled about how to get a website on the internet. I have been following along with Marylyn's research with great interest as she decides on the specific topic for her website.

Having the process demonstrated so clearly is very helpful and interesting by the way. (Not to mention highly entertaining!)

Thanks for sharing!

Who knew how important selecting a website niche was and how critical it is to choose the right keywords? What an eye opener!

Anyways, I have been interested in building my own website to showcase my landscape business for quite some time but the entire process just seems so darn complicated that I am procrastinating.

What I am most stuck on is how to get a website on the internet. How do you make a website go live so you can give customers the web address and have them check out your business?

I think that I finally have a glimmer of understanding about what keywords are and how important they are in people finding your website when the search for information on a specific topic.

But once you have all the research done, what are the next steps?

1. How do you get a web address?
2. How do you get a nice website design with a company logo and such?
3. How do you actually build a web page?
4. How do you get that web page to go live on the internet?

I'd love to get started but I haven't a clue about what the entire process entails and I'm concerned I don't have the skills to actually build a website by myself.

Can you shed some light on the entire process?

Many Thanks,


P.S. Keep up the entertaining good work Marylyn! You are truly an inspiration for all of us technophobes!

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The Steps Needed to Get a Website on the Internet
by: Sue

Hi Mark,

Those are all excellent questions and the very ones I had when I started becoming interested in building a website.

Actually, I think many people who share the characteristics of being a technological "e"diot like myself have a very difficult time comprehending how a website actually becomes "live" on the internet.

If it makes you feel any better, I honest and truly still can't program my cell phone!

But back to your site building questions. . .

There isn't any big secret to building a website or how to get a website on the internet. It is really all a matter of selecting the right web hosting service.

A web host is a service that you sign-up for that puts your website on the internet for you.

Marylyn is using Site Build It! (SBI) which is the same web hosting service that I use.

The reason I selected SBI is because I consider myself profoundly "e"literate and SBI was the only web hosting service that I found that provides an easy all-in-one website building program along with all the other site building tools needed to build a website.

Let me take you through a quick stroll through the entire process of getting a website "live" on the internet.

The steps to building a website are:

    * Research and narrow down your ideas for creating a website.

    * Investigate the most "profitable" niches in your chosen topic area (SBI has a built-in program that will help you narrow down your ideas to the best one).

    * Identify competitive keywords so your website will be found by people searching the internet. (SBI provides an extremely comprehensive keyword search module that makes this task a snap.)

    * Select a web address; aka a domain name, your website's URL (

    * Register your domain name (SBI does this for you.)

    * Chose a website design template that complements your site's theme. (SBI has tons of great website templates. You can even customize any of them by adding your company logo, selecting colors, choosing different navigation bars and so forth.)

    * Build your home page using a fill-in-the-form type of module. Once you preview and are happy with how your home page looks and reads, then you simply hit a "Build It" button. SBI then sends your web address to all the search engines and Viola! Your website is live on the internet!

See why I happen to like SBI so much? It's a perfect service for "e"diots like me!

Here are some other SBI websites that you check out.

Choosing a Website Host
by: Mark


I want to build a website to feature my business. I'd also (in the future) like to sell supplies and services on the site. I'll need the ability to accept payment, enroll in services, offer specials, and so forth.

So how do you go about choosing the right website hosting service that includes everything I'll need to build a business website that will have all these functions and have it go live on the internet?

Selecting a Good Website Hosting Service
by: Sue

The reason I chose the Site Build It web hosting service is because when you compare the features side-by-side to other website hosting companies, it (pardon the expression) blows the others right out of the water!

You can use the web hosting company comparison chart on this page to review the features of the three most popular hosting services:

Compare Web Hosting Services

Aside from the hand-holding complete start to finish step-by-step site building guide that SBI is well know for, I also happen to like the fact that SBI is also a company that specializes in helping people build ecommerce websites.

What that means is that they have all sorts of options and instructional material as well as providing the "how to" process for integrating a gazillion different ways to generate income on your website.

There is literally an astonishing array different types of opportunities to "monetize" a website so you can depend on a consistent stream of income that continues to grow and multiply over time.

How much you earn is really more about the amount of work you are willing to put into your website and selecting the revenue producing options that are the best fit for your particular niche.

So now not only does a good web host teach you how to get a website on the internet, they also provide the guidance on you can earn money from your website. (I've been a HUGE fan of SBI since the day the home page for my first website went "live". And I did it all by myself. Me, the "e"diot who is still baffled by her cell phone. . . go figure!)

I've found that building my own online business website sure beats the heck out of having to work part-time bagging groceries for the extra money needed to pay two college tuition bills... :-)

Feel free to ask questions Mark, that's how we all learn. . .

And trust, me, when you build a website, you never, ever stop learning 'cause there is something new and interesting each and every day!

All the Best,


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