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How to Give Website Video Access to Members Who Pay

by Adnan

Charging Web Site Visitors to Get Website Video Access

Charging Web Site Visitors to Get Website Video Access

Hello there,

My business website is underconstruction. What I want to know is how to give website video access to members who I will charge a fee to view them.

I will have some training videos for my members to buy and watch. I would want them to pay by Paypal only and purchase those videos and/or DVDs from my website.

I want to have some videos (clips up to 10 sec) online (add DVDs later) and give access to those who register and pay to watch and/or download them.

What kind of web hosting I should order? Windows or Linux? Which features I should check first.

Detailed reply would be appreciated.

Thank you,


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Website Video Access
by: Sue


Great concept!

If your web host has the option, you can easily create a password protected page. When your visitor makes a purchase, you would provide them with the password to access the videos.

You can also create a membership section to your site that you would charge an access fee.

Again, you would need a web hosting provider that provides the option for password protected pages. (The hosting provider I use, Site Build It, has a password protected option included in their hosting fee).

You also have many other options that you can use to operationalize your plan. Here are a few right off the top of my head:

Option #1: Use PayPal as a third party plug-in to your website as a secure payment mechanism. (Be sure your web hosting service allows third party plug-ins.) With PayPal it is a simple matter of registering for an account, creating your payment button and pasting onto the web page.

You will need to create a secure page on your site (name that web page file something very obscure, for example .tyzz34ryz and be sure to use the ?No Follow? attribute so that the search engines do not index that page!), the ?Thank you for your payment? has the top secret link to the video viewing and download page.

If your web host doesn't allow enough server space to store your videos then you will need to purchase the storage space for your videos elsewhere.

Option #2: Use ClickBank as the payment processor. Although the process is similar to the first option you will have the advantage of leveraging an affiliate sales force of CB Affiliates. Unlike PayPal where you have to deal with all aspects of managing each sale, CB handles everything to do with payments, refunds, etc. They charge a one time fee of $50 for each product listing.

Option #3: Use E-junkie as your payment processor. (I personally like this option best for the scenario that you presented). Not only does eJunkie handle all aspects of the sales process including refunds (if any), you can also upload your videos to their secure servers along with promoting your products to affiliates of eJunkie to sell for you! You can also sell either egoods or hard goods as well. Ejunkie charges a flat fee starting at $5 per month.

I use all three options for different purposes. I do have to confess that I find PayPal to be the most time intensive since you have to deal with the entire payment processing yourself. (Actually, it can be a major pain in the kabunzies!)

Of the three, I like eJunkie the most since once you set up your product listing (for hard goods or egoods) then the entire sales process runs on automatic pilot!

Good Luck,


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