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How to Increase Targeted Website Traffic

Drive Your Website Right into the Fast Lane!<br>Increase Targeted Website Traffic

Drive Your Website Right into the Fast Lane!
Increase Targeted Website Traffic

How do you increase targeted website traffic? By researching competitors and finding sites, blogs, online magazines, article directories, niche website listings and other sources that will attract people who are specifically interested in your site topic.

It goes without saying that any successful online ebusiness needs to consistently identify sources in order to increase targeted website traffic.

Here is a perfect example:

I have a website, The Skin Care Resource Center.

My main goal is to identify specific sources that will help drive traffic to my site.

But not just any traffic.

No siree!

I want women (or men) who are interested in rejuvenating their aging skin.

Since the specific niche of this site is anti-aging skin care, I want to attract a unique group of people interested in effectively treating their aging skin concerns.

I want to identify sources that will attract women over 40 with a keen interest in looking younger and caring for their skin.

Sounds rather complicated doesn't it?

But it really isn't.

One of the top 5 traffic sources to the skin care site is from More Magazine's website.

Since it is a popular national magazine with hundreds of thousands of subscribers specifically dedicated to women over 40, by writing articles and participating on their forum I attract hundreds upon hundreds of unique visitors every month to my site who are women over 40!

All of these women are interested in younger, healthier looking skin. So they not only sign-up for the monthly eZine to keep on top of the latest anti-aging skin care trends they also purchase products that are recommended on the site.

It's a win-win!

So do some research and find a handful of sources that are related to your niche and start developing a relationship via an informative answer to a blog post, submitting articles to a specific niche related article directory site, an online magazine, participation on niche related forums, and so on.

Your time and efforts will pay off in increased traffic that are interested in exactly what you have to offer!

Cha Ching...

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Increasing Targeted Website Traffic
by: Charles

I use the free article submitter that I found (Quite happily) right in the Webmaster Resources section of this site. (Thanks, it works GREAT!)

It's a quick and easy way to submit an article to several different article directories. . . Builds traffic and links much faster than submitting each article individually to each article site!

I LOVE it. What a time saver.



Another Way that Works Great to Increase Website Traffic
by: Jake J.

Try spinning your articles!

It's a quick and easy way to submit the same article as an original article by changing the keywords and some sentences while building lots of backlinks on blogs and article directories at the same time.

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