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I am a Twit Setting up a Twitter Feed

by Marylyn(SuperNan)
(Donvale, Melbourne, Australia)

Setting-up an Automated Twitter Feed from Your Blog

Setting-up an Automated Twitter Feed from Your Blog

Ok I have read your "Are you being followed" Ezine issue about how to set-up an automated Twitter Feed from a blog. . .

Thank you! I think I followed the directions but I have no idea if I have done it correctly?????

I set up my Profile. . .

The name of my Twitter account is, ItsMelbourne4u.

I then went to and set up a feed name Family Getaways Melbourne ( I don't know if that was right?) and added my Blog feed address that I got in Site Central...

Should I have named my Blog feed with the ItsMelbourne4u?

See, I am a bit of a twit in following your directions on setting up the blog feed to my Twitter account.

Marylyn(SuperNan/Nannie CanDo)

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How to Check Your Tweets on Twitter
by: Sue

Hi Marylyn,

You can check your Tweets a few different ways. On your Twitter Home Page you will see either in the upper right hand side or at the bottom of the page, your profile picture. Next to the picture is a link that says "Your Tweets" and the number of tweets you have made.

Click the link to view all of your tweets.

OR. . .

Click on the profile tab in your Twitter account and under your profile photo you will see a listing of all your tweets.

Happy Tweeting!


How To Check My Account
by: Marylyn(SuperNan)

Oh Sue,

How do you do, folks are dumb where i come from!

Automating a Twitter Feed
by: Richie

Great instructions! Thank you. It took all of ten minutes to accomplish.

I've found several great site building resources to follow as well. (Along with yours of course!)

Here's another one:
It's an entire company that is one Twitter account and shares all sorts of site building and internet business strategies. Everyone from the President and specialists to customer service staff all send out daily tweets!

The company is called SiteSell and you can follow them here:

So Easy When You Know How
by: Gail (Editor)

Thanks so much for jogging me into action. I had joined Twitterfeed but not set up the feed. Not only did you jog me to take action but it was very easy.

Having your example with xml at the end fixed the problem I had had earlier!

How to Set-up an Automated Twitter feed
by: Bits and Bytes

Hi All,

Bits and Bytes here...

(We're Sue's helpers! Everyone's favorite site building cyber whiz kids.)

Since for some inexplicable reason there are still some visitors to the site that haven't signed-up for our riveting newsletter of fabulous, jaw-dropping website tips, (Can you imagine?), we thought it would be helpful to explain the process again.

HINT: If you forgot to sign-up for our spectacular Web Site Tips you can do so right here, right now with a simple quick little click of your mouse:
Bits and Bytes Web Site Building Tips

Anyways, we finally managed to convince Sue to set-up a Twitter account for her websites. She had been avoiding this wonderful marketing strategy like the plague for w-a-y too long.

Since we expect that Sue thinks spending her precious site building time "tweeting" is just downright ridiculous, we simply suggested that she set-up an automated feed from her blog to her Twitter account.


Let those magical tweets begin. . .

Sue's Twitter followers get updates on her website every single day and Sue doesn't have to do a darn thing! That's because, every time she updates her website or adds a blog post, it automatically is sent to her Twitter account as a "Tweet".

You can use the very same strategy too.

Here's how:

    1. Register for a Twitter account: (Hint: Think of a captivating Twitter URL name that fits your website niche.) Sue named hers eBusiness4u.

    Check it out:
    Click me to follow Sue and Web Site Building Tips on Twitter!

    (Pssst. . . Sue's account is brand new so be sure to become a follower! Just click on the adorable little Twitter Bird.) We'd like to personally invite you to become a very important member of Sue's soon-to-be virtual throng of followers.

    2. Sign-up for a Twitterfeed account: to set-up the automated blog feed to your Twitter account.

    3. Done! Now every time you update your website or add a blog post, it will be automatically fed to your Twitter account and become a lovely "Tweet"!

Not to shabby for a long-term website marketing strategy that took you all of fifteen minutes to get rock'in and roll'in.

Just think, you're going to have your very own 'throng' of followers hanging on your every Tweet. . .

Happy Site Building,

web site tips

Your Ever Helpful Rambunctious Site Building Duo

Setting up an Automatic Twitter Feed
by: Sue

Hi Marylyn!

Well, either we are both Twits when it comes to setting up an automatic feed to Twitter or we have both succeeded in showing-off our hidden talents as Cyber Whiz Kids because I did the exact same thing as you did. :-)

After registering for an account on the TwitterFeed site, I used Web Site Building Tips as the name of the feed then put my blog URL in the "feed" box.

The .xml extension is the correct URL for your blog so it sounds like you did a great job!

Have you checked your Twitter account to be sure that updates to your website are being posted as "Tweets"?

Your Fellow Site Building Twitter Twit,


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