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I'm a Survivor of Google Sandbox Effect

by Ethan
(Texas, USA)

The Google Sandbox Effect STINKS!

The Google Sandbox Effect STINKS!

How did I manage to overcome the treaded Google Sandbox Effect and have my website survive so I can tell you all about this harrowing experience?

Well, pull up your favorite sand pail and I'll fill it for you with everything that I have painfully learned.

There I was, innocently building all those links that everyone tells you are a "must do", especially for a new site. So typical to my usual philosophy that more is better I rev?d up my darling mouse into a frenzy of ferocious clicking to build links by listing the site in every directory and search engine possible. I happily thought I was sending my site well on its way to search engine heaven.

With much anticipation, I checked my stats expecting miraculous results for all the web pages I had built that weren?t indexed yet.


So very, very WRONG!

Not only didn't any of the ignored web pages get indexed, all my previously indexed pages were dropped like a hot potato. Every page on my entire site was coldly and cruelly sent to the Google Sandbox in cyber purgatory.

Talk about being kicked to the curb and futilely pounding sand!

After researching the Google Sandbox Effect, (which people can't seem to agree or not if it even really exists), I learned that it is vital to your
website's health to build back links s-l-o-w-l-y over a period of time in a very natural, gradual manner.

Lesson Learned?

1. Do Not Submit Your Website to Every Search Engine and Directory on the WWW in just a few days.

2. Only submit to a few directories a week. Be patient! Chances are that your website isn't ever going to have to languish in the lonely, gritty Google Sandbox for endless month upon month!

3. Be very, very patient. Over time, with the SLOW and gradual addition of lots of compelling, interesting and captivating content, occasional article marketing, and maybe a little Adwords campaign thrown in for good luck your web pages will gradually be indexed again.

4. Research keywords that are high in demand and low in supply. These tend to be the longer keyword phrases but they will get pages indexed faster!

5. Forget the free hosting services if you expect your site to be indexed at all. If you're serious about building a web business, shell out the money for a top notch, well established web host.

6. Diversify your link building strategy. Did I mention being patient?

7. Praying to all the cyber deities and offering a few tasty long-tail keyword sacrifices to search engine spiders doesn't hurt at all either.

8. Curb your enthusiasm. More is not necessarily better.


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