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Internet Business Success

by Sue

Small Internet Business Success ~ My Story

Small Internet Business Success ~ My Story

I have to start off by saying that achieving internet business success takes time and good old fashion hard work, especially in the beginning.
Of course, I didn't realize that when I started off.

Actually, I didn't even mean to build a small business, that part just kind of evolved over time.

I started my website because of my sister. Really! I have a twin sister who is very much into fashion and beauty. I'm not. (Well, not as much as she is that's for sure).

Anyways, after my sister's foray into a few skin care cosmetic procedures I wasn't willing to be an example of a "before" and "after" advertisement for facial rejuvenation.

As a result, I spent quite a bit of time researching non-invasive anti-aging skin care and decided I wanted to share what I had learned with others.

Thus, The Skin Care e-Learning and Resource Center was born.

Since I hadn't a clue how to go about building a website I did experience a few failed attempts. But those failures only added to my determination to figure out how to build a website and get an e-learning center on anti-aging skin care launched.

Fortunately, I inadvertently stumbled into a website hosting service that was tailored made for someone like me. (I needed the "how to" baby-step by baby-step hand holding approach).

And that's just what I found with the website hosting company I finally chose to build my website with. Actually, that's what helped me learn all the ins and outs of building a web business which slowly turned my dying website into a wonderful small internet business success.

My website now provides me with the financial support to help pay the college bills for my two boys. And what's even better than that is I don't have to worry about finding any
more part-time jobs to fill the income gap (actually a better word would be devastation) that college expenses leaves your bank account.

The website did take almost two years before it finally started to take-off but I do have to confess that I am not the most technologically astute person on the face of the earth. (For example, to this day I still can't figure out how to add a number in my cell phone.)

So I know that it undoubtedly took me far longer for my site to become profitable than most people would experience. (Most newbies do much, much better than I did in the beginning.)

I'm often asked about how hard it is to build a website. Actually, I don't find building the site difficult at all, I love it! It's a great hobby that has now turned into a profitable small ebusiness. (That makes it even more gratifying!)

However, it does take time. In the beginning, some weeks I might spend only a few hours on the site and other times I might spend a full day or an entire morning or evening. Now that the site is well established and kind of on automatic pilot it takes much less time.

My words of wisdom to share with you would be to put the time into researching your website idea and putting together a well thought out plan before you start your site building.

Planning is without question time well invested and will give you the most pay-off (and the least amount of headaches) in the long run.

I have learned and wholeheartedly believe that not only can absolutely anyone build a website but they can also build their own internet small business success. (Certainly if I could than anyone can!)

To your internet business success!

Happy Site Building,

Skin Care Resource Center

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Thank You All!
I started this website a few years ago as a labor of love to help others learn how to build their own web business.
(Knowing that if I could, it would be a piece of cake for everyone else on the planet!)

Your feedback and success stories are a constant source of inspiration for me!

A HUGE thanks to the "SBI!" software that made it possible for even an "e"dummy like me learn how to build a website that's now profitable internet business.

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