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Internet Business Training Program
Start a Web Business by First Learning
All the Ins and Outs on Building an eCommerce Site

Finding the best internet business training program when building an ecommerce site can certainly be a challenge.

But what if you could graduate from a college course with your own business instead of the traditional diploma?

Without a doubt, it can be extraordinarily frustrating to find knowledgeable, professional help building a website; never mind getting the reliable support that is so helpful when you start a web business.  To establish a firm foundation for creating a strong, successful, and profitable ebusiness it's best not to fly by the seat of your pants; if you know what I mean. . . ;-)

Happily, the most reputable and highly respected course,"Building a Successful Business Using the Internet", offered by SiteSell in colleges and universities around the world isnow available to anyone as an online elearning course.

Here are the specifics:

As you may have gathered by now, building a small personal website is easily self-taught and truly not terribly difficult.

You can spend oodles of time researching every aspect of how to start building an ecommerce site all by yourself or you can save yourself a great deal of time (and frustration) by enrolling in an internet business training program.

The "Building a Successful Web eBusiness" internet business training program provides the step-by-step instruction by a "live" teacher on all aspects building a website so students don't have to slowly plod along that learning curve all by themselves.  

My only wish is that I wish that this program had been available years ago when I started building websites.
(I sure wasted more time than I can possibly imagine flying uncomfortably around by the seat of my pants!)

Yes, of course you still can build your own website, add a few Google Adsense Ads and earn a few hundred extra dollars a week OR you can learn how to transform that very same website into an ebusiness that has the potential to earn several times that amount.

What I find so unique about the SBI's SiteSell! eLearning program is that it teaches so much more than just "putting up a website on the internet," or simply getting an introduction to the various business opportunities available on the web.

Graduate with Your Own Web Business!

With so many resources, you'll be able to start a web business sooner than you ever thought possible.  You'll also be able to add the very distinguished title of "Entrepreneur" to your resume too.   :-)

It's such an enticing and exciting prospect, isn't it?  

Your very own business!

The fact that anyone can turn their daydream into reality by getting started working on building their very own thriving ebusiness is really a jaw-dropping opportunity when you think of it!

When I am asked what my favorite aspect of building an ecommerce site is, my answer is always (well, aside from watching the income continue to grow every month of course), is that I get to go to work whenever I feel like it in my most comfy P.J.'s.

Take the Internet Business Training Program in Your P.J.'s!
Here's a quick word from Dr. Ken Evoy, the founder of Site Build It:

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Thank You All!
I started this website a few years ago as a labor of love to help others learn how to build their own web business.
(Knowing that if I could, it would be a piece of cake for everyone else on the planet!)

Your feedback and success stories are a constant source of inspiration for me!

A HUGE thanks to the "SBI!" software that made it possible for even an "e"dummy like me learn how to build a website that's now profitable internet business.

Please keep your comments, feedback and questions coming!
I love hearing from you. . .

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